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We did NOT act normal, we just had our best poker faces on. No my waters had not broken. 121.5k Followers, 454 Following, 1,191 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ShaneBCrawford (@shanebcrawford) Then there was a little renovation we were trying to finish out the back, including a half ripped up wooden deck. It was a little like that. Sep 28, 2015 1:50pm. And that was just from within the Club.

I stocked the fridge with all of his favourite foods, healthy and unhealthy. It was his sanity and his peace of mind too. Copyright © 2020 Flat Out Mum | Powered by Shopify. I didn’t tell the coach, I didn’t tell my team mates, I didn’t tell my family. For a very long time I’d wondered if I’d ever get the chance to taste team success, and now it was potentially only a few hours away.

What a difference four years makes! A father to my children that had no unnecessary demons. That was the secret we were sharing. But I knew that this was going to be my last game. On the Friday we included Charlie in the Grand Final Parade through the city. His expensive, skilful, 304 game foot that had the weight of thousands of Hawks supporters on top of it too. So Grand Final day finally arrived and early in the morning Shane declared that he was going to take Charlie to the park. Or squirt everywhere in the shower. Picture: Josie Hayden. But it was to be the entire length of his long playing career, riding the bumps with a grin. Unless you have had a child with one of these madmen, save your judgement. He has no Grand Final baggage and he is able to sit back and enjoy watching his former team mates win Premiership after Premiership since his retirement with no bitterness. Should I dare ask him what I should do if I went into labour? He had ticked off all of the mandatory engagements but other than that, had kept very much to himself.

Together with my partner Shane Crawford, we are raising four young boys, so life is definitely a juggling act. So here was his chance. Our amazing 2008 Grand Final Week Posted on September 30, 2017.

It was that horrible helpless feeling you get when someone you love is going through something so important (or horrendous) for them and all you can do it be there. Finding a flattering dress for the Brownlow, ripping an upset toddler off my leg and walking the red carpet feeling like a bloated whale. Olivia Anderson, partner of Shane Crawford, is a mum to twin boys, Jack and Harry, and two older boys, Charlie and Ben.

I was confident that we could - and would - win”. Not exactly making it easy to make the phone call to my Mum to bring Charlie into the MCG. Those last five minutes of the game were blissful. Simple? What meals to serve. It was awesome. Shane had played 304 games for his beloved Hawks and was contemplating playing his last. Can you see where I am going with this?

I didn’t want to not have what he was craving in that particular moment. In the spirit of Grand Final week I have decided to share with you some of my memories of the week we had as a family back in 2008. It is difficult to explain and impossible to replicate, but you know it when you see it. At that point I was pretty much standing in the middle of MCG by myself. This is where the second greatest moment of the day happened. So Mum jumped in the car with Charlie and her good friend Lois (who has been her Partner in crime since they were very young). I did not want the burden of knowing Shane had missed an AFL Grand Final opportunity to watch me in labour. The siren sounded with a convincing 26 point win and after dancing to the Team Song with Charlie, I had to overcome my next obstacle. Over the past 12 years I have learnt a lot about what life is really like being a busy Mum….and it’s not all rosy! I had no option but to swallow my pride and lift my leg up over the fence. I prayed that it was all not getting too overwhelming for him. Then trying to last in between Ad breaks without wetting my pants. The X Factor that team had was palpable. They managed to somehow literally drive right up to the entrance only to be stopped by some confused Police Officers. As I nodded my head in atypical compliance, my mind raced with the logistical nightmare what exactly pulling off that “simple” statement entailed. (I have told you before what a champ she is). Which meant, you guessed it…I needed to pee a lot too. if Shane was playing a game of footy when I went into labour, I would keep the news to myself. He became a changed man that day and I count my lucky stars for that. Yes even the twins. Shane Crawford made his name carving up the footy field, a 305-game veteran with a swag of accolades to his credit, including a premiership with … Half way through the final quarter they were approaching the MCG, so I waddled down several flights of stairs (sweating and using my pelvic floor muscles) to wait out the front.

Travelling with young children is not relaxing but it doesn’t have to be too stressful with a little planning and a lot of patience. I try to Well Shane, it was not like any other bloody week and that answer just made it more difficult for me. It was only years later when I read the draft to his book “That’s what I’m talking about” that I discovered Shane had had a little cry on that walk. But this week I had noticed he was avoiding being in public much more than usual. It was NOT normal. She was hosting a party, was not able to have a few drinks in case she had to drive and she was waiting by the phone. With up to 8 feeds every day for each newborn baby, that equals 2880 feeds in the first six months with twins! Thursday night’s Footy Show passed in a lot more serious way than Shane’s usual all singing, all dancing, shirtless extravaganza’s of previous years. He wrote “it was the closest I came to betraying my emotions that week. Who can come to the house? I hardly even wanted to admit it to myself. But we all know that is why the WOMEN have the children. Someone must have politely got me a chair and I sat in a corner and watched the team, the coaches and all of the Club officials walk in. I just want it to be like any other week”. There were no girls draped all over him and there were no special effects or acrobatic hoists being used to help Shane take centre stage in the Player Review of 2008. Mum and Lois driving straight through all of the orange cones looking as naive as possible. The Monday night was fun. By half time, the score was Hawthorn 51 to Geelong 48 points. No disrespect to that year’s winner, Adam Cooney. Instead of faking a deep sleep, or kicking Shane to notion that it was HIS turn to get up, I jumped out of bed in a split second at even the slightest non sleeping sound coming from Charlie’s room.

Walking along, caught between the present and the past I started to think about all the team mates I’d played with, the coaches I’d had and the training sessions I’d undergone….That’s when I started to get a bit emotional.

Joining the boys in drinking cups of tea instead of alcohol and dreaming of my luxurious bed that was just a short ride in the lift away upstairs. Picture: Nicole Cleary. I managed to find Ben Dixon (Shane’s long term team mate who had unfortunately retired just one year earlier) pretty quickly and handed Charlie over to him. An itinerary of what I could do and when. So it would have been reasonable to expect that he wouldn’t have to wait so long for his chance. Not at all tired, hormonal or anxious. This was not that unusual for Shane who often walked from our bayside home all the way out to Waverley in the months that his injuries were hampering his traditional training. No one saw that coming. No I was not having labour pains. Feedback and collaborations are welcomed, by contacting me here: Together with my partner Shane Crawford, we are raising four young boys, so life is definitely a juggling act. Travelling with young children is not relaxing but it doesn’t have to be too stressful with a little planning and a lot of patience. I had no option but to swallow my pride and lift my leg up over the fence. I perfected the logistics of our week and incorporated sudden changes to our plans with a grin. I just needed to pee. What do you want to eat? Occasionally I see that little glow appear that he was awarded that day. Did you recall that I mentioned I was eight months pregnant with my second child? The updates on the renovation? Then there was me, eight months pregnant. Shane and Olivia again on Brownlows night in 2004. I mean that in the nicest possible way. While we all knew the importance of this game to Shane and the huge significance that this would probably be his only chance to achieve his life long dream, we all tried to carry on like it was normal. Every time I stood and shimmied my way down the aisle towards the bathroom, all of the Hawthorn FC significant others looked at me with expectation.

#flatoutmum #smallthings #mumlife #twincredible. Shane’s instructions to me about including Charlie on Grand Final Day were simple. Those last five minutes of the game were blissful. But it is full of action, laughter and fun. People describe the atmosphere is electric and it is very difficult to explain if you haven’t felt that. So… I knew that Benjamin (as it turns out another boy) was pretty well stuck in there no matter how much stress I was under, or how many flights of MCG stairs I ran up and down (more on that later). Should I sleep in his bed? Whether I should keep Charlie out of his way? As a woman I describe it as extreme love and devotion for each other and for their shared goal.

Every time I waddled across Crown Palladium to the bathroom (a lot) I prayed my waters wouldn’t break. That last day in September, it was hot. The burden we were holding. I am not saying that a Premiership maketh the man, but it certainly makes a different man. I didn’t want to not have what he was craving in that particular moment. He almost laughed in my face and said “everyone has a story lady”. I wanted Shane to not only have closure, but to also live the rest of his life as a free man inside his head. A father to my children that had no unnecessary demons. I danced around him and I walked on egg shells, all with a smile on my face, acting “normal”. Shane had a glow that came from so deep within that day, I will never forget it. Not at all. So my point is, no I was not going to interrupt his lifelong dream to have him sit next to my hospital bed eating a toasted sandwich. The lucky few that achieve it get to live a different life. But inside was he breaking down? I try to enjoy the little moments and take most things in my stride, but I am always on the lookout for ideas and products to make our life easier. After more pleading and getting nowhere, someone in the crowd recognised either Charlie or myself as part of Shane’s family and started chanting “let her in…let her in!”. Our home is busy, noisy and rarely tidy. I did my best to make sure Charlie was not over tired, hyperactive or even loud around Shane. Except it was combined with exhaustion and relief and littered with sweat, rather than rose petals. The requests for tickets?

Copyright © 2020 Flat Out Mum | Powered by Shopify. Outwardly, he was cruising through the week seemingly enjoying it, relishing all of the special moments. How do I get from level two through this crowd with Charlie in time for him to complete the lap of honour with Shane? In fact I remained incredibly calm…. This is where the second greatest moment of the day happened. How I did that with my preggy belly and a toddler on my hip in a very tight space, I do not know. Can I pass on the thousands of well wishes that were directed through me? Who had barely slept an entire night in his life and very rarely woke after 6am. I was sticking to the water when I needed it least. I put extra effort into preparing the meals and ramped my inner domestic goddess up a notch (not hard).

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