what is colorado doing about climate change

Krosnick has led a project to measure public opinion on climate change for 23 years. Climate change in Colorado encompasses the effects of climate change, attributed to man-made increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, in the U.S. state of Colorado. Reporter Alex Hager talks with University of Colorado Boulder professor Max Boykoff. High Notes from the Aspen Music Festival and School, Support Aspen Public Radio with Amazon Smile, Support Aspen Public Radio at City Market, Aspen Public Radio Reporting & News Ethics, One Local Freelancer Says She’s Voting For ‘Sanity’ This Election, over a third of American workers now say they’re part of the gig economy, half the American workforce will be freelance workers, Local Latina Voters Are Pushing For A More Inclusive Future This Election. If we just focus though on that good news, there are many levers that we can pull as a local community, as a neighborhood, in order to address these challenges. There are significant barriers. Climate change affects the planet on a global scale and affects every region of the planet in a different way. Reporter Alex Hager talks with University of Colorado Boulder professor Max Boykoff. Heat. Download a pdf of our Climate Change in Colorado poster. And while we wish it were different, we can confidently say that the climate is changing. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, but registered voters in Colorado will receive mail-in ballots after Oct. 9. “There’s been enough about climate change in the last five years. Then, upon further reflection, he said each of those issues has a “one-to-one tie to climate change.” For example, he said fighting sprawl can also cut down on emissions.

Krosnick can’t explain what’s behind the recent increase, but Colorado voters offer some clues. We can start with the political economic barriers of a great deal of lobbying efforts that go at the national level and at the state level to impeding progress on many different environmental policy aims associated with climate change. Here in the Western United States we already see the effects of Climate Change. Who in government has the most significant decision making impact on the climate? Max Boykoff said climate change leads to drought and wildfires, and solutions will require coordinated action locally and globally. Where they split is the economic costs of reducing fossil fuel production. She worries her favorite natural places won’t survive in a warmer world. This has been an intense wildfire season for Colorado and the entire western United States. More than any other issue, respondents said the climate and the environment would help determine their votes in the primaries and in November. CPR is now able to receive gifts of real estate to support our mission. We cannot just take care of our own selves and our own lives and consider ourselves greener than everybody else, and then things are sorted out. We’ll start with the obvious: thanks to climate change, Colorado is getting warmer. She fears climate change will doom her three great-grandchildren to a far less habitable planet. Krosnick, the Stanford political scientist, said he has come to a similar finding through the public opinion surveys: The segment of voters paying close attention to climate change has only grown amid a pandemic and an economic downturn. But drought is usually referred to as a short-term issue, and what's happening in Colorado is not temporary. We need to think very carefully about how scientific evidence is showing us that climate change is now fueling these wildfires leading to increasing drought, leading to some of the conditions that amp up then the intensity and the breadth of what we've been seeing this summer. At first, Pitocco resisted describing himself as a single-issue climate voter. Well, there's good news and bad news.

I sit within one scientific institute among many that has over 800 natural and physical scientists that have been devoting their professional lives to these topics. Meanwhile, Republican Garnder has attacked Hickenlooper for putting thousands of oil and gas jobs at risk. The Western United States has seen a larger increase in … With a baby on the way, he worries about the air quality in his neighborhood, which included a combination of pollution from vehicles and summer wildfire smoke. The bad news is that it impacts every aspect of the way in which we live, work, relax and play in society. Spanish translation of this story is made possible by a grant from the Google News Initiative’s Journalism Emergency Relief Fund. At the Republican national convention, unfortunately, they had punted and said that their 2016 platform is what we'll be using. Jared Polis released a draft of his plan to stem the tide Wednesday. Now, he’s glad Hicknelooper sees climate change as an opportunity. Krosnick said that means climate change has become a critical motivating issue for a segment of the Colorado electorate, along the lines of abortion or gun control. After all, it powers a huge part of our economy. © 2020 Colorado Public Radio. But how do issues of climate change manifest on the ballot? This global challenge requires global scale, national scale, regional scale and state level concerted and coordinated action. On the heels of some of these wildfire events, you have our president, Donald Trump, who is going out to California and saying that he actually thinks that it is going to be getting cooler, just you watch, and that the scientists aren't sure. CPR News has conducted three informal surveys over the course of a year to help guide election coverage. Updates: Got Voting Questions?

“If you come to be passionate about climate change, what that means is you're making this very big commitment to gather information about the issue, to read every newspaper story,” he said.

The same appears to be true in Colorado. Or does change have to come from the federal government? What should we expect our government to be able to do?

John Hickenlooper and incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner, hydraulic fracturing eventually becoming “obsolete”, Learn how we select stories, who we choose to interview, how we'll cover the state. “A lot of pro-climate initiatives would be a huge boon to our economy,” he said. I put a lot of faith in the ability of government to take these kinds of actions.

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