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The singer has released other songs that could crack an expanded list of work songs. Their arrangement simply cooks, with a busy beat that races from start to finish. Jackson's poignant tribute to hard-working families that couldn't keep up with big, box-store businesses is as relevant today as it was in 1999. This song isn't really about freelancing, but let's just pretend it is.

As the Lomaxes found, “The movement of these songs varies seemingly more in accord with the fast or slow rhythm of the work than with the moods of the singers.” (liner notes quoting Our Singing Country). Kenny Chesney's island boy image might not make him the most genuine mascot for the blue-collar community, but this hilarious tribute to men and women working round the clock felt good throughout 2008. One doesn't just glide into the Country Music Hall of Fame on a pretty smile. Sung by “Lightning” and a group of Afro-American convicts at Darrington State Prison Farm, Sandy Point, Texas, 1934. © 2020 Billboard. If baseball weren’t our national pastime, bitching about our stupid jerk-face bosses surely would be. You don't think driving trucks is hard work? The video features 50 training for endurance to succeed in the rap game, and many have been following suit to get in shape in their own lives. Dave Dudley originally recorded this truck driver's anthem in the early '60s. "Workin' for a Livin'" is as much fun singing about work as you can possibly have. Leave your suggestions of which work songs could be added to our list in the comments section below. Most recently, "Good Time" and "Hard Hat and a Hammer" are two that cement his blue-collar image. Source: Afro-American Spirituals, Work Songs, and Ballads, ed. When you really need a boost, what you need is an inspirational work out song. The duo sings about the struggles and pleasures of a blue-collar work ethic.
It began a movement of truck driving songs.

This should be Labor Day's theme song. George Strait's vocals give the song some grit, but in the end this is a song about vacations. 1 hits, and it's still a fan favorite today. Even folks who love their jobs are never satisfied. "Hey hey the working man, the working man like me / I ain't never been on welfare, that's one place I won't be / Cause I'll be working / Long as my two hands are fit to use / I drink a little beer in a tavern / Sing a little bit of these working man blues," Haggard sings. Most of the famous, some very obscure, but all great songs for running, lifting, spinning, and any other workout you can think of. His fun tribute to the work week is sung slightly tongue-in-cheek, but the tempo and blue-collar sensibility he brings to the song is good enough to allow him to crack the list. Spirituals and work songs, rooted in both the slavery era and the West African societies from which most African-American slaves were originally taken, provided cultural sustenance to African Americans in the midst of intense racial oppression.

As country music became the working man's music, music men who drove the big-rig began to feel appreciated. Josh Thompson has a song on our 10 Best Songs About Hard Work list. “It’s a long John”: Traditional African-American Work Songs . If there's a harder working woman in country music, we haven't found her. 33. of 40 ... "In Da Club" is absolutely one of the best hip-hop workout songs, mostly because of the catchy, well-paced beat. Download SparkPeople's 132-BPM 60-minute continuous cardio remix of the 15 most popular 1980s workout songs on iTunes for $9.99, or at amazon.com for just $8.99! "Hard Workin' Man" was an easy choice for this list of the best work songs. "As a matter of fact I'd like to set things straight / A few more people should be pullin' their weight / If you wanna cram course in reality / You get yourself a working man's Ph.D." "Take pride in a job well done," Tippin is saying. Spirituals and work songs, rooted in both the slavery era and the West African societies from which most African-American slaves were originally taken, provided cultural sustenance to African Americans in the midst of intense racial oppression.

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These are the best hip-hop, rap, trap, and old-school tracks for the gym. The boys from Ft. Payne had a pretty good work ethic of their own. Black prisoners working in gangs to break rocks and clear swamps relied on the repeated rhythms and chants of work songs (originating in the forced gang labor of slavery) to set the pace for their collective labor. Alan Lomax (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress Archive of Folk Song, AFS L3). The 50 Best Workout Songs of All Time; In America, we live to work and work to live -- and we never stop complaining about it. Could there be a better reason for a holiday? It Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad – Negro Work Songs - #18 – note the driving rhythm of this accompaniment to ‘double cut’ axe work. Dolly Parton is the only woman to make the list, but there are certainly other female singers that an argument could be made for. Recorded by John A. and Alan Lomax. Since musicians aren’t immune to the workaday blues, there are plenty of great tunes to spin on this holiday, and what follows are 20 of the finest Labor Day work songs.
This super old-school classic gets everybody up and moving. They recorded “Long John,” a work song, sung by a man identified as “Lightning” and a group of his fellow black convicts at Darrington State Prison Farm in Texas in 1934. While a couple of work songs by Kenny Chesney and Josh Thompson come from modern times, the best country songs about work are 10, 20 or even 40 years old. A couple of songs on this list of the best work songs are more of a social statement than a celebration. This song was one of his earliest No. What country tune gets you through the work week? From Missy Elliot to Bone Thugs to Nas, this Spotify playlist will make you move. Unless you’re stuck in a cubicle, play ‘em at an unreasonable volume. They first came to be valued by northern white audiences in the late-19th century.

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