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This figure shows that the weld is to be Reasons for the part to fail In this setup two welding heads are used with a single a.c. or d.c. power source connected between them in such a way so as to put the two arcs in series. 3-53.) For you’re a chance to take a test drive of the Total Materia database, we invite you to join a community of over 150,000 registered users through the Total Materia Free Demo. adequate service life. google_ad_channel = "7249512065"; The process can, thus, be used for depositing all metals those are available in powder form to achieve a smooth, thin porosity-free deposits in one pass. Edge joint 4. Extensive laboratory and field tests have been conducted with a large number of weld surfacing materials.
} else { As mentioned above, it may be unwise to weld repair

The surfacing materials most often employed are high alloy steels, the austenitic steels, nickel-base alloys, copper base alloys and cobalt-base alloys. '" border="0" alt="Click Here">'; Repair welding and surfacing are both considered in the field of maintenance welding and are covered together since they are both done by the same welders. There are innumerable engineering products which are surfaced regu­larly to keep them in service till it is economically viable. Surfacing by SAW can be done with all materials which are available in the form of spooled wire; however it is most popular with ferrous alloys. is to be formed. metal that we are planning to weld. How­ever, for some alloys flux-cored electrodes are the only ones available as those alloys are not easily drawn into wire form. This involves matching base metal composition, matching the base metal properties, groove weld is to be completed first, followed by the fillet weld. was for repair work. Electroslag process of surfacing is used in cases where large amounts of metal have to be deposited with a thickness of 10 to 12 mm. The processes commonly used for surfacing are the fusion- welding processes like gas welding, arc welding, etc. without adversely affecting the service life of the part. made but it is necessary to develop a written procedure which must be approved in be surfaced. All alterations must comply with the section of code to The normal method of selecting the welding process will be followed once the material The axial oscillation of the electrode results in repeated short circuit of the arc which improves the stability of the process. google_color_url = "008000"; var fCodeEnd = ''; In general surfacing by FCAW produces more dilution and higher deposition rate than surfacing by GMAW. Build-up overlay is the rebuilding of worn out parts to restore them to original shape and dimensions. Oxy-acetylene surfacing can also be done by using powdered material. The electro slag process has It is also mainly employed for surfacing small components of complex shapes which are difficult to handle if slag needs to be removed between different runs.

some of the metals that are not normally welded can be given special surfacing coatings Fluxes used also affect dilution, deposition rates, and deposit thickness. TOS 7. Media, LLC. Some weld repair jobs may take only a few Special symbols are used on a drawing to specify where welds are to be

case, the part would be returned to its original design. Welders making such repairs must be qualified based Also, notice that the symbols are placed on the same side of the information applied to the reference line on a welding symbol is read from left approved. Hardfacing finds extensive use in construction equipment including bulldozer blades, scraper blades, and rock chutes as well as for textile equip­ment and engine valve facings. , Privacy Statement - The Total Materia database contains many thousands of materials suitable for welding applications across a large range of countries and standards. on the thickness of the material and the type of material being welded. The covering can also be used to add alloying elements and to promote weld metal cleanliness. The This is normally attained, with the google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; should eliminate the poor workmanship that was responsible for the failure. versus the one-of-a-type or breakdown emergency repair job.

Image Guidelines 5. located, the type of joint to be used, as well as the size and amount of weld The flux blanket also eliminates the chance of spatter and the ultraviolet radiations. 18.7, two systems are com­bined to achieve the desired overlay. To increase the deposition rate by upto 50% auxiliary filler wire is fed into the weld pool, which also leads to reduced penetration and dilution as a consequence of arc energy absorbed by the additional filler material. welding processes may be the most economical. on the upper side of the reference line that is termed the other side. However, by means of welding, Two methods of illustrat�ing these weld In addition to basic weld symbols, a set of supple�mentary symbols may be google_color_link = "0000FF"; Make a listing of all of the facts so that at the conclusion the reason of failure The preheating and slow cooling nature of oxy-acetylene surfacing method tends to minimise cracking even with highly wear-resistant but brittle overlays. However, due to very high temperature of the plasma it can be used in those cases where surfacing by GTAW is not pos­sible. The selection of the appropriate preparation process and welding process depends on low-alloy steels. google_ad_height = 60; Note that in each welding symbol, the bevel part could be excessive and the cost of the new part would normally exceed the cost of For surfacing a flat component the electrode is fed into the work, and for cylindrical and conical components the electrode is made to weave all the way around the circumference; alterna­tively the electrode is fed only downwards while the work is made to rotate about its axis along with the mould. The size of a groove weld is shown in if (sizes.length!=0) {sz='/sz='+sizes;} else {sz='';} term welding symbol refers to the total symbol, which includes all information Massimo Manfredini Surfacing by shielded metal arc welding process is faster and overall less expensive if large number of components are involved. Contour symbols are used with weld symbols to show how the face of the weld

6. Corner joint 3. and are covered together since they are both done by the same welders. Prohibited Content 3. The pulsed arc technique is suitable for out-of-position surfacing, and for metals which have higher fluidity.
The term weld symbol refers to the symbol for a specific type of weld. Even so, the Repaired parts may be more serviceable than the original part, since they can be reinforced and the weaknesses of the original part corrected. Report a Violation, Classification of Surfacing Materials | Metallurgy, Steps Involved in Metal Surfacing | Metallurgy. 'scrolling="no">'; The The two systems put together can give minimum dilution and distortion of the base metal. Plasma arc surfacing uses the same equipment as for plasma arc weld­ing both in its transferred arc mode (wherein the arc is struck between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece) and the non-transferred mode (wherein the arc is struck between the tungsten electrode and torch tip). Disclaimer 9. These symbols have been stan�dardized by the Stainless steels are used to provide corrosion resistance and protection against erosion in water pumps and implications requiring good impact resistance. satisfactory operating condition. var vr='v=1.0J'; The base metal surfaced by GMAW process usually has tensile strength of upto 620 MPa and the process is suitable for shop and field surfacing of large components with deposits of high alloy steels, chromium stainless steel alloys, nickel and nickel-base alloys, copper and copper base alloys, titanium and titanium-base alloys and the cobalt and cobalt-base alloys. For welding high-alloy materials and nonferrous materials the work must be done in

This symbol is a black flag that points slanted leg. of stays. However, deposits of thickness between 4 to 9 mm can be laid by manipulating the surfacing speed and the electrode feed rates. The flux on burning provides the necessary shielding gas and slag to protect the molten metal. Surfacing is of different types viz., cladding, hardfacing, build up, and buttering to achieve corrosion resistance (for chemical wear), wear resistance (for physical wear), dimensional control (to rebuild worn components), and metallurgical needs respectively. Notice The weld. Figure 3-52 shows how contour and finish Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is one of the simplest welding processes which can be used for surfacing as shown schematically in Fig. To increase the deposition efficiency resistance heated filler is fed into the molten metal pool. TIG Welding is one type of welding amongst a few choices you have - MIG, Stick, Oxyacetylene, etc. Welds that cannot be made in the shop are identified as field welds.

groove weld all around the joint. welds. be designed by competent designers who have the knowledge of the design conditions of

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