closest nba team to st louis

There are 30 teams in the NBA with plenty of outsiders wanting in.

Yet, Ranadive was heralded because he swooped in and bought the Kings when it looked like a new ownership group was going to move them to Seattle. A college basketball mecca, Louisville doesn’t have any major sports franchises. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Though a new stadium has just been built in Sac-Town, the idea of Ranadive selling the team is a dream for local Sacramento fans, though it may result in moving the team. This is one of those, do we need to say more moments. There are plenty of factors to consider when relocating a team, ranging from revenue to attendance to new ownerships. When the New Orleans Jazz relocated to Utah (yes currently the Utah Jazz), soon after the Charlotte Hornets relocated too, and became the New Orleans Hornets—remember all those highlights of Chris Paul playing for the NOLA Hornets? How long will the footprints on the moon last? While the NHL has already awarded Las Vegas a franchise, the NFL is having hiccups while trying to move the Oakland Raiders to the City of Sin.

However, they have two NBA franchises in the past, the San Diego Rockets and the Buffalo Braves, which were relocated to Houston and Los Angeles. In January, he noted the possibility of not only holding more regular season games there, but the All-Star weekend as well. With calls for new ownership, new management, new players—really new everything—it wouldn’t be surprising to see Prokhorov sell the team to owners willing to relocate the already relocated Nets. Another small market team, the Suns haven’t been a championship contender since the Mike D’Antoni/Steve Nash days. Love how they can't give Portland or Manchester a nod, but Sherbrooke is repped.

Yet, the Pelicans remain the most dubious financial situation in all of the NBA—even over Sacramento. Silver said that they have been looking at the possibility of expanding to Mexico City, as well as other cities. With the much maligned treatment and management of DeMarcus Cousins—ending in a trade that most sports pundits say was 40 cents on the dollar—to the idea of playing 4-on-5 defense so that a player could cherry pick and score with a court-long pass; the Kings have become the most irrelevant major sports franchises outside the Jacksonville Jaguars. With passionate locals, and transplants around to fill those stadiums when their team comes to town, San Diego can support a new NBA Team. They have even hosted two regular season games in 2016-17, as the Phoenix Suns took on the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. Sacramento fans long for the days of Chris Webber and Co. when the Kings went toe-to-toe with the Shaq and Kobe Lakers. This isn't good for the Hawks, or the Atlanta fan base. Vancouver never got a proper chance to witness the rise of the popularity of basketball.

SuperSonics country. As of the 2009-2010 NBA season, Louisville does not have an NBA team. This list is based on rumors, history and scenarios that would see 8 teams relocate to 8 new destinations!

The mid-west has a huge college basketball following, but it is surprising to see so many cities without an NBA team. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Once upon a time the San Diego Clippers were an actuality, before Donald Sterling broke the hearts of fans and moved them to Los Angeles. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Do they have a rich NBA history? The NOLA Pelicans had a travesty of a time getting sold. Atlanta's fan base has been criticized for not attending games despite having a good team throughout the past few years. However, an expansion seems unlikely at the moment but there is always the possibility of teams adopting a new home for their team. Memphis didn’t get their team until the Grizzlies relocated from Vancouver. Memphis didn’t get their team until the Grizzlies relocated from Vancouver. And we could get names like the Disney Deathstars, or the Anaheim Sith (or Jedi). Already rumored to have considered moving to Seattle, the Hawks are valued 23rd out of 30 NBA teams.

Enter savior Michael Jordan, a native of North Carolina and already part owner, who led the acquisition team to buy the Bobcats, and return the name “Hornets” to Charlotte after NOLA changed to the current ‘Pelicans’ moniker. You can measure distance between two teams on a map. The SupersSonics were taken away from Seattle in 2008, and relocated to Oklahoma City. How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? Las Vegas is doing everything it can to get major sports teams to move there.

They have already relocated a few times and this may be their next destination. When Charlotte’s Bobcats owner Robert L. Johnson decided to sell the team, there was a possibility of new ownership buying and relocating the team again. This is part of the problem with having NBA ready cities—like when the Thunder ownership group moved the then SuperSonics to the new stadium in OKC.

They’d have a shot at the title if all ex-players from all Kentucky college teams played for that team. 13.2k votes, 1.4k comments. When the controversial HB2 law was enacted in NC, Jordan threatened to move the team if the law wasn’t revoked, meaning the possibility of him moving the Hornets isn’t out of the possibility. That would certainly be a huge step to acquire an NBA team. Kansas City was once home of the Kings from 1972 until 1985, when they relocated to Sacramento. With the Canadian twin of Seattle receiving an expansion team before the 1995-96 season, the romance between Vancouver and the NBA lasted only six seasons before the team relocated to Memphis. Are the Orlando Magic a small market team? Mexico City is the largest market in North America, it's no surprise that Adam Silver is highly interested in bringing a team there. St. Louis, Louisville, Des Moines, Kanas City—all without an NBA team. So I grew up a Celtics fan, early 2000s Pierce was a killer. However, the Hornets have not been a true contender under Jordan’s ownership. The Magic could certainly be a heavy favorite for relocation if Richard Devos sells the team. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. As mentioned earlier, the Bucks threatened to move to either Seattle or Las Vegas in order to get taxpayer money. At one point the League owned the team—and at the time nixed the deal which sent Chris Paul to the Lakers. But then Shaq was gone. The Hornets moving away—sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Plus, just imagine if Disney managed to own an NBA team. Throw in an unwillingness from NBA top-tier free agents to play there, mixed with homegrown talent often leaving (i.e. Vancouver already has a history of owning an NBA team. What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Seattle is one of those areas of the country—like Indiana or Louisville—is a giant basketball country. But the Magic haven’t been an elite contender since Dwight, and their future is highly questionable. With Florida having a no state-income tax, free agents will heavily consider the Magic only if they’re an elite contender. The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has shown interest in branching out outside of North America, with Europe potentially being the home of several teams. Owners can threaten relocation as an incentive for public money. When owner Herb Kohl sold the franchise several years ago, one of the deals of the sale was that the Bucks not be relocated.

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