lanarkshire clans

[274], [from Latin: "faith and warlike][227][277], Historic Seats: Ralston, Renfrewshire; Beith, Ayrshire[227][277], Motto: ORA ET LABORA[278] [from Latin: "Pray and labour"]. Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley (1545 – 1567) was the second son of the Earl of Lennox. Family motto – Through. [57] [from Latin: "I am fierce with the fierce"].

[328] [from French: "I think"]. He escaped the following year and subsequently traveled to Russia, where he served the Tsar as a general of cavalry against the Turks and Poles. The family is Norman in origin, and settled in Scotland after a brief period in England. [206] [161], Motto: FORTISSIMA VERITAS ["Truth is the strongest"], Crest: A Dove, in the mouth a sprig of olive, Motto: Misericordia Est Mea Cupido ["Mercy is my desire"], Motto: PER VARIOS CASUS ["By various fortunes"], Motto: NE PARCUS NEC SPERNAS. [282] [from Latin: "My wishes are above the stars"]. [37], Motto: CLARIOR HINC HONOS. Alexander Henderson was the most prominent Presbyterian divine of his time, drafting the Solemn League and Covenant in 1643. [2][3] Scottish crest badges have only been worn by clan members on the bonnet since the 19th century. [154] [from Latin: "Truth conquers"]. The 7th Laird of Merchsiton, John Napier, (1550-1617) is famous for inventing a hydraulic screw for clearing coal pits of water, a calculating machine, a battle tank or two, and the system of logarithms that so revolutionised mathematics. The colony was in a critical condition when he arrived, but under his wise government the colony prospered. [307] [from Latin: "Courage grows strong at a wound"]. Badge: great bulrush[35] or broom[102], Motto: LUCEO NON URO. [125] [from Latin: "More secure by this"]. Michael Coulter was enrolled as a burgess and guild brother of Glasgow on 19 December 1695. With the help of Alastair, our knowledgeable and charming tour guide, the Outlander book characters came to life before us in the castle ruins, heather covered moorland, and Edinburgh pubs. [99], Motto: VIVE UT VIVAS ["Live that you may have life"], Motto: FIDE ET FORTITUDINE. [323], Motto: FAMILIAS FIRMAT PIETAS ["Religion strengthens families"], Motto: INSPERATA FLORUIT ["It has flourished beyond expectation"], Motto: INDUSTRIA DITAT ["Industry enriches"], Motto: NON DEGENER. The Hamilton chiefs descend from Walter fitz Gilbert of Hambledon who appears in a charter to the Monastery of Paisley in about 1294. Gow: The name Gow derives from the Gaelic gobha, meaning armourer or blacksmith, and the son of the smith would therefore be Mac gobhann, known today as MacGowan.

Supporters of Mary Queen of Scots, the Hays rejected the Reformation. The Cunninghams received additional lands thanks to their support of Robert the Bruce. Badge: A sprig of oak[330], Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Lord Lyon, Scots Heraldry(second edition), Oliver and Boyd, London,1956, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. On returning to Scotland, Sir Gilbert was killed alongside King James IV and many other Scots at the Battle of Flodden in 1513. Family motto – Je Pense Plus (I think more). His son Archibald accompanied James VI to London in 1603 when he became king of England. from Scottish Gaelic: "Remember the Death of Alpin".Badge: Sprig of Pine (Scots fir). [265] ["By generosity"]. Baird: From the 13th century this surname has been associated with Lanarkshire and also with the Aberdeen and Banff regions. [40] [from Scottish Gaelic: "Unite"]. Family motto – Touch not the cat bot a glove. [184] ["By sea and land"]. Lieutenant 18th Royal Irish Rifles and Royal Tank Corps, 1914-18 [189] [from Latin: "God assists"]. [86] [169], Motto: HOC MAJORUM VIRTUS. He was especially renowned for his reels and strathspeys and many of his own compositions remain popular to the present day. [98] ["Cause caused it"][97], Motto: JE PENSE PLUS. Family motto – Grip fast. Badge: red whortleberry, bearberry[35] or boxwood[63], Motto: FORTIS ET FIDUS. [62] [65], Motto: TUTUM TE ROBORE REDDAM. MacDougal or MacDougall: The Clan MacDougal is descended from the eldest son Dougal or Dugald, of the princely House of Somerled, King of the Hedbrides.

Badge: yew[35], Motto: JE SUIS PREST. [103] [314] ["Without fear"]. [221] [from Latin: "Let fear be far from all"]. [179] or "Sweet danger"].

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Geni requires JavaScript! Family motto – Nunquam non paratus (Never unprepared).

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