accompanied in a sentence

During the 14th and 15th centuries revolutions and counter-revolutions, sometimes accompanied by considerable slaughter, were frequent, and a great variety of more democratic constitutions were tried. intensity is zero, and this band is accompanied by a number of fainter images corresponding to the diffraction of a star image in a telescope. " For years the subject of prophecy had occupied much of his thoughts, and his belief in the near approach of the second advent had received such wonderful corroboration by the perusal of the work of a Jesuit priest, writing under the assumed Jewish name of Juan Josafat Ben-Ezra, that in 1827 he published a translation of it, accompanied with an eloquent preface.
being entirely won over to Catherine, whom he accompanied in her triumphal progress in the Crimea. These acts were, however, accompanied by language of great decision against the Social Democrats, especially on the occasion of a great strike in Westphalia, when the emperor Progress of Social- warned the men that for him every Social Democrat ism. In 1646 she accompanied her husband to Minster, where he was sent by Mazarin as chief envoy, and where she charmed the German diplomatists who were making the treaty of Westphalia, and was addressed as the "goddess of peace and concord.". He accompanied the fugitive government to Konigsberg, where he rendered considerable service in the commissariat, and was afterwards still more useful as commissioner of the national debt and by his opposition to illconsidered schemes of taxation. He was accompanied by his brother, the Grey God, Darian, whose unusual power bent the air around him in a mix of light and shadows. 6.children under 14 must be Accompanied by an adult. The rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning.
They are accompanied by intrusions of diabase and gabbro, and they are sometimes folded, sometimes but little disturbed. The words that accompanied the manual gestures are, in the rituals that have come down to us, wholly dominated by the myth of Osiris: In a shrine sits Osiris, the ruler and judge of the dead, accompanied by forty-two assessors; and before him stands the balance on which the heart of the deceased man is to be weighed against Truth; Thoth stands behind and registers the result. As examples of such triads, vs they are called, may be mentioned that of Thebes, consisting if Ammon, Mut and Chons, father, mother and child; and as :ypical of the other kind, where a god was accompanied by two ~oddesses, that of Elephantine, consisting of Khnum, Satis and 5tnukis. the huge clouds rolled up Accompanied by thunder and lightning, it seemed as though we were watching a war of the elements.

Among the ammonites the loss of power to coil the shell is one feature of racial old age, and in others old age is accompanied by closer coiling and loss of surface ornamentation, such as spines, ribs, spirals; while in other forms an arresting of variability precedes extinction. then they Accompanied him to the ship. Welman accompanied the expedition, of which 8 were allocated for the smoke screen, 5 to support the "Vindictive," and 4 to attack vessels inside the harbour.

He accompanied his uncle Marcus to Cilicia, and, in the hope of obtaining a reward, repaid his kindness by informing Caesar of his intention of leaving Italy. At Cambridge he founded the "Whig Club," and the "Amicable Society," and became very intimate with Byron, who accompanied him on a tour in Spain, Greece and Turkey in 1809.

Peter accompanied his cousin, King Philip Augustus, on the crusade of 1190, fought against the Albigenses, and was present at the battle of Bouvines in 1214.

His passage of the river and upward march along the left bank, the reinforcement he provided for his grandson Pir Mahommed (who was invested in Multan), the capture of towns or villages accompanied, it might be, with destruction of the houses and the massacre of the inhabitants, the battle before Delhi and the easy victory, the triumphal entry into the doomed city, with its outcome of horrors-all these circumstances belong to the annals of India. In June 1778 Wedderburn was promoted to the post of attorney-general, and in the same year he refused the dignity of chief baron of the exchequer because the offer was not accompanied by the promise of a peerage. In 1864 was founded the Palestine Exploration Fund, under the auspices of which an ordnance survey map of the country was completed (published 1881), and accompanied by volumes containing memoirs on the topography, orography, hydrography, archaeology, fauna and flora, and other details. She accompanied her husband to his government at Rouen, and devoted herself to good works.

A journey with the duke of Weimar to Breslau followed, and in 1792 he accompanied his master on that campaign against France which ended so ingloriously for the German arms at Valmy.

He was hunter for the garrison at Bent's Fort on the Arkansas river in what is now Bent county, Colorado, from 1832 to 1840, and accompanied John C. Fremont on his exploring expeditions of 1842 and 1843-1844, and on his California expedition in 1845-1846. 23. This brain activity is accompanied by intense craving. The short distance is accompanied by low electrical resistance.

Cornwallis accompanied him, and later Lord Rawdon joined him with an additional force. Mr Littledale, an Englishman, accompanied by his wife, left Khotan in the early part of 1895, and travelling thence to St George R.Cherchen, he turned southwards, and following up Littledale, the course of the Cherchen darya to a point near its 1895. The annual vicissitudes of the life of Sabazius, the Greek Dionysus, were accompanied by the mimic rites of his worshippers, who mourned with his sufferings and rejoiced with his joy. They are never alone accompanied by noble thoughts. The treasure ships were likely accompanied by support ships. Toni's voice was accompanied by a tap at the door. Accompany definition is - to go with as an associate or companion. He sided with the English barons against John in 1215, and accompanied Henry III. He became a Benedictine monk at Canterbury, and then joining the Cluniacs, was prior of Lenton Abbey, near Nottingham; he was chaplain to Henry V., whom he accompanied to France in 1415, being present at Agincourt.

Joint physical custody is almost always accompanied by joint legal custody. Of these the apple and the pear are now very inferior in Corfu; the others thrive well and are accompanied by all the fruit trees known in southern Europe, with addition of the Japanese medlar (or loquat), and, in some spots, of the banana.

In addition to the local pain and tenderness, there is a high temperature accompanied with shiverings or occasional rigors, the patient becoming daily more thin and miserable. Expropriation often is accompanied by infringements of the third ingredient, individual liberty, as well. About 1123 he received from Lothair, duke of Saxony, the margraviate of Lusatia, and, after Lothair became German king, accompanied him on the disastrous expedition to Bohemia in 1126, when he suffered a short imprisonment. Julie from Boston reentered the picture bright one Monday morning when she accompanied Howie into the office. Transports containing 7000 troops, to be led by Marshal Saxe, accompanied by the young prince, were in readiness to set sail for England. This tradition has accompanied the race since 1946.

At the age of ten Paul Kruger - as he afterwards came to be known - accompanied his parents in the migration, known as the Great Trek, from the Cape Colony to the territories north of the Orange in the years 1835-1840. He had to conduct the delicate negotiations which accompanied her return to Scotland, and though he was a supporter of the reformers on political grounds, he became her personal friend and was always willing to do her service. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. In 1 2 to he was in favour with King John, from whom he received a pension, and whom he accompanied to Ireland.

In 1812 he accompanied the Grande Armee to Russia, was seriously wounded at Smolensk, and on the reconstruction of the Polish army in 1813 was made a general of division.

Each step of the retreat was accompanied by a complicated interplay of interests, arguments, and passions at headquarters. These were probably accompanied by support ships.

Tristan undertakes the mission, though he stipulates that he shall be accompanied by twenty of the barons, greatly to their disgust.

During the war he accompanied the emperor, and was one of those whom Napoleon took along with him when he suddenly abandoned his army in Poland to return to Paris (December 1812). Accompanied sentence examples:1.the rice is Accompanied by a soup or a soupy often politely Accompanied by a generous punch in the face.3.he Accompanied the volatile actress to hollywood the following year4.i do not know when, Accompanied by me, is no longer the moonlight jie jiao, only yellow lights going from b

The one group included those isomers where the identity in composition was accompanied by identity in molecular weight, i.e. Sometimes retinal tears are accompanied by bleeding.

(7) The making of a treaty is sometimes accompanied by acts intended to secure its better performance. Similarly secular elevations of temperature, either accompanied by moisture or desiccation, by increasing droughts or by disturbance of the balance of nature, have been followed by great waves of extinction of the Mammalia. 3.

When there was preaching, it was accompanied by free prayer; the liturgy was not then called for. When the Athenians founded Thurii in Italy he accompanied the colony as architect, and afterwards, in 408 B.C., he superintended the building of the new city of Rhodes. His only military exploits were the occupation of the island of Mauritius, and the conquest of Java by an expedition which he accompanied in person. On the conclusion of peace he entered the Piedmontese foreign office; he accompanied Victor Emmanuel and Cavour to Paris and London in 1855, and in the following year he took part in the conference of Paris by which the Crimean War was brought to an end. In 1632 with his elder brother Philip he accompanied his father on his mission as ambassador extraordinary to Christian IV.

of France sent forth from Cyprus,' while in 1274 the celebrated traveller Marco Polo, accompanied by two learned Dominicans, visited the court of Kublai-Khan, and at the commencement of the 14th century two Franciscans penetrated as far as Peking, even translating the New Testament and the Psalter into the Tatar language, and training youths for a native ministry? The general plan was simple and comprehensive.

And with a glance round, she smiled at Tikhon, at her husband, and at the footman who accompanied them. He left his home in the spring of 720, accompanied by his father and brother.

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