i can't seem to forget the pain you seem to give

I will never be able to forget.

So I have worked on forgiving this person. She says to me in an instant. I’m like, “how is it possibly serving you to stay angry months later? That’s when I decided no matter how hard it will be; I will walk beside you forever. even though it may appear, that focusing on the people who are ignorant may not be the wisest thing, never the less, our subconscoius mind is already focused on them , whether we know it or not. I gained a lot of weight .. And i wanted to move out of the state we was in or atleast to another town. I have a lot to think about.

It’s tough knowing we can’t control other people’s actions, so that trust can take some time to rebuild. I feel so.. ugly and unattractive when I think of her, or see her, or even hear her name.

It doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten any of it, not at all, but I’ve let go of the toxicity of holding on to that energy. im scared that in his anger hes going to go back to his ex and that i wont have the opportunity to prove my worth…. Usually it is themselves by continuing allowing that person in their life, but could be other things as well. Don’t let them. I since moved abroad with my boyfriend and my brother never ever calls me or texts me.

He earned my trust.. all over again, and he hasn’t gone back to his old ways. You might want to consider looking for a free support group in your area for partners of alcoholics, Al-Anon, where you will meet others who understand exactly what you are going through. Someone has let us down three times regarding very serious situations. To add insult to injury – one of my designs ended up being worn by Lleyton Hewitt in the US Open final match (I didn’t even get a sample shirt). Forgiving the other person usually entails taking responsibility for our part of what happened and forgiving ourselves, too- and that can be even harder than forgiving them! It misses you even more if I try to forget you. So she tossed me to the side. I was fine before he came back in our lives .. My biggeat problem is .. That I have to live with this for the rest of my life ..Because were cousins and because now his kids are my daughters brothers.. Ive tried everything to let it go ..

After last year’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, I received a letter from gay man who’s angry for not being straight because his friends and family ostracized him when he was a child. I also had to consult with a lawyer who sent her a warning letter to just step off. And the answer was so simple, an Eye-Opener for me: Not being brave. 2.

I spoke to him gently and told him I was busy.

At this point I’m feeling it may be better to accept a life of superficial connection but interior solitude. Anger is a secondary emotion, there is always something beneath it. One friend who I later found out stole from my mother was feeling down one day and told me that she feels like she is a terrible person and friend. Learn more about her on her website. Admittedly, this is pretty much a burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice….. type of situation, and much of the forgiveness needed here is for myself for: not listening to my gut, not setting better boundaries, and not closing the contract and starting a new one when the project went totally off the rails to become something different entirely. It sounds like you are in mental loops here of trying to understand all this, which can be its own kind of torture that takes up so much headspace we can’t make any practical decisions to get ourselves to a better place.

Someone I trusted tried to manipulate me and take advantage of me a long time ago. It sounds like what’s happened here, which is actually not uncommon, is that years and years of conflict and a very intense relationship have all been put onto one situation. Marie, thank you for this timely reminder of the distinction between forgiveness and trust.

She just didn’t understand. Steph, that’s such a good question.

After 3 ½ years, the case was dismissed because due to lack of evidence. It sounds like your sister is mourning in her own unique way, which sadly involves pushing people away and blaming and being inconsistent. Marie what you said about trust and forgiveness being two different things is just THE point I’ve been struggling with.

Your time and energy is worth so much more!”, So I concocted a quote to share how I feel:

thank you SO much for this video. Wow! So the layer of guilt/shame on the top of the pain. In my 30s I was really feeling weighed down by “all the people who had hurt me” throughout life. What is it you want here? I was home alone and her presence was greatly missed. I could say so much about forgiveness.

They were all prettier than me.

However, I find her living rent free in my head too often and I haven’t been able to let her go, forgive and move on. Or hug me???! I look back at some of the things my parents did and I see it now in a different light.

You have to do what is right for you sometimes and that can be taking yourself out of the situation. Hi, It was the forgiving of my mum that I found the hardest. Forgiveness is something you do for you . I think too often people forget that the reason they are so mad and angry at someone, is because they hold it in. i guess, to forgive is important for you before the person or people who wronged you. Working through these intense feelings on your own time would be incredibly useful. Im truly devastated at the long term effect this might have. Also ( hard to do ) pray for the other person.

I have been feeling SO ANGRY and resentful for the last month as this situation, and subsequent non-payment has unfolded. But…she’s unbelievably amazing. I think I have forgiven her for that, but she still betrays me in many other ways, and that is the hard part…when it continues to happen over and over again..
I fell away from everyone I knew. If i took them to small claims, there is no guarantee and it would make things worse. I knew as I said it that I would never trust again. Separating the two makes it a lot easier to accept what forgiveness really is and realize what it’s not. But there’s a lot of themes in here, around trust, especially, and around what relationships are and aren’t and about setting or not setting boundaries. I believe that half the battle of learning to forgive is learning what to do with guilt.
He was good to me .. The Mental Exercise That Can Turn Wishes Into Reality, What Elizabeth Gilbert Wants You To Know About Big Magic, Value What You Do: A Must Watch for Artists & Creatives, How To Find Your Special Gift, Even If You Don’t Think You Have One, What to Do When You Feel Useless and Alone, https://www.marieforleo.com/2011/08/fear-intuition-difference/, http://www.customink.com/promo/imprinted-mugs, https://www.marieforleo.com/2013/01/made-a-mistake/, Nicoleta Popliceanu-Trainer Theta Healing, http://marieforleo.com/2011/03/people-wrong/, https://marieforleo.com/2011/01/im-sorry/, https://www.marieforleo.com/2016/06/marianne-williamson-spiritual-healing/. Few years ago I fell in love with someone. You are so insightful! Again, we are addicted. They only seem to judge me for what I can’t or now knowing full well how little support I have should I become too ill, won’t do, My physical condition is such that I weigh risk verses reward in everything I do, and I am just now willing to risk anymore for people that just don’t care. It’s become a ‘story’, perhaps suffering a few tweaks along the way. It means we know we are in a safe, trusted, and comfortable environment we can notice others are attractive but it has little relevance as we are happy with who we are with. They may be still yet another manifestation of her mental illness. Or google for a free helpline. Marie, this is so spot-on–especially the comment about forgiveness taking courage. I apologized. Thank you for presenting a simple yet inspiring approach to forgiveness. That you can’t be fully open? I stopped corresponding with my sister as I felt she was putting no effort into our relationship plus I was going through some stuff after a cancer diagnosis, surgery then full blown menopause. Sometimes not forgiving others isn’t just addictive, it can become the way we begin to identify ourselves. The quote the Marie shared about resentment being the poison that you take expecting the other person to die is so true. Describe the pain — an anchor, a chain, a cage, etc. he left me in 2011, all because of his studies, his career, then said sorry when he realized it was only his mistake… again in 2015 he nd I were together…for about 5 months..again he just dumped me ..I begged him a lot , I was suffering from Chicken pox at that time… in 2016 I went to his place many times with chocolates, flowers, gifts etc… just to make him understand that he should calm down… I just wanted him to be my friend…. With gratitude Diana.

If we don’t trust others and are constantly monitoring and interrogating them they are far more likely to resort to lying as we are effectively scaring them and they go into defense mode. Often making snide and cynical remarks which frequently leave me (and I guess others) in a state of emotional numbness after family meetings. But he hates taking about Joclyn.

Hi there. So here’s the thing.

I don’t see me ever forgiving them. Regarding your question, unfortunately there’s no one single “right” way to handle tough family circumstances. (spouse, parent, etc.) And every time I ask, what can I do RIGHT NOW to learn and move forward so the pain stops.

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