buffalo snowfall totals by year

I haven’t seen any other predictions but the Goldensnoball.com’s prediction was that most of the city’s would have an above normal snowfall. Last seasons Champion was Buffalo. It’s always fun as the season plays on. Syracuse is once again the king of the snow hill taking the crown back from last seasons snow champs, Binghamton, NY. You also agree to our Terms of Service. Right now Binghamton has 2.1 inches of snow compared to 40.3 inches on this date last season. Rochester is really on your back now being the closest they have been all season from over taking second place. Rochester Over Takes Buffalo by A Snowflake, It’s a Wrap! I was too embarrassed to even think about bringing it back up but of course I should of known we would end up where we are now. I want to say Thanks for making it a fun season and a Big Thanks to those of you who took the time to make a donation to the snow sites. WOW! ... 30 Year Average Seasonal Snowfall for Golden Snowball Cities. As for Buffalo, we’re just going to lay cool for a while… no sense in wearing ourselves out now with snow dances. Syracuse continued to add to their lead but it was still a close snow race when we went into January. I don’t think hitting 120 inches will be a problem. Rochester Wins 2019-2020 Golden Snowball Contest, Let The New York 2019-2020 Golden Snowball Snow Contest Begin, Binghamton & Rochester Start up 2018-2019 Golden Snowball Contest, It’s a Wrap, Syracuse, NY 2017-2018 Golden Snowball Champs, Happy 15 Year Anniversary GoldenSnowball.com. Last season Binghamton, NY out snowed Syracuse by 3 tenths of an inch, This season Syracuse showed up with a total of 153.6 inches of snow to date. Syracuse went into February with an almost 2 foot lead over 2nd place Rochester. Buffalo started the 2017-2018 snow season off on or around 10/31/17 with 0.1 inches. There were at least 2 other times that Binghamton beat the other Golden Snowball cities in the past but that was before the snow contest was started. Albany snuck some snow in during that V-Day storm and has been adding a little bit at a time to that. By March 21st, Syracuse’s snow totals were at 151.1 inches and Syracuse was besting Rochester by almost 3 feet of snow. WTG Roc. The cities that compete are Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester and Syracuse. History Favors Binghamton to Win Golden Snowball, Two Day Storm Totals For Golden Snowball Cities, It’s a Wrap! Buffalo, New York received just enough snow to start up the 2017-2018 Golden Snowball snow contest. As for your plan to finish us off at the end. Buffalo knocked Syracuse out of first place yesterday and today it’s Rochester’s turn to knock Buffalo out of the top spot. Good Luck to all of your cities , First off, as always I want to say Thank You to Amy G., William M., Kelly R., Kurt R., Cooper Computer Consulting, Alberta P., and Bob W. for your donations this season. I think we should of pushed the Quebec City challenge more. As of this last update, Rochester leads the Golden Snowball snow contest. This will be the biggest upset since I have been keeping the snow stats and will equal the big upset since the snow contest started back in the 70’s which was the only other time that Binghamton has won. That would be the way to do it but I wonder if maybe that isn’t what Albany and Binghamton have in mind I use to hate the part about when the snow melts and leaves the mess. Thank You. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun with all of you like we do every snow season. So far it’s looking like we still have a good chance with 3 of the city’s hitting above normal and it’s a long shot right now with Binghamton and Albany going above their average snowfall totals but not out of the question. You might want to get the snow dance or any other ritual you might have to bring on some snow.

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