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"[31] Kotick saw the importance of making this endeavor follow the same model as the NFL, in both league structure and financial opportunities, to be able to draw in large investors to establish franchises within the league, calling it a "forever investment".[32]. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon • [52] The deal was reported to be worth at least $90 million. [109] During the press day event prior to the start of the season, teams acknowledged they had considered signing on Geguri but noted issues with such an action. [15] By mid-February, during the Season 1 free agency window, Geguri was signed on by the Shanghai Dragons, making her the first female player in the League. The Darkness • Within League play, a regular season match features two teams (one selected as the home team, the other as the visiting team) playing at least four games, with each game featuring a predetermined map type, following the same gameplay format as with normal competitive mode in Overwatch. Max Payne • Following October 7, 2018, all remaining free agents were free to negotiate with any team in the League. This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 16:06. The league was revealed to be using a franchising model for its teams, with each team spot representing a city.

Call of Duty • Rules of Survival • Atlantic Division, covering teams based in Eastern North America and Europe 2. [39] To better accommodate this, the third season is expected to retain the 20 team/28 game format from the second season, but now regrouping the current Atlantic and Pacific Divisions into same-named Conferences, and then creating five-team Divisions within each. An online encyclopedia based on the popular FPS created by Blizzard Entertainment. This would then lead to more divisional play, with teams playing primarily other division teams at regional stadiums during the regular season to minimizing the cost of overseas travels. This partnership included broadcasting rights to the Overwatch World Cup as well. Red Faction • [92] London Spitfire's Jun-Young “Profit” Park was awarded the finals most valuable player award. Call of Juarez • ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭✧ @overwatchleague Hangzhou Theatre Feb 29- Mar 1 Wuzhen Grand Theatre Jun 20- Jun 21", "VENUE REVEAL The Dragons will be hosting both of their Homestands at XinYeFang Studio in the Jing'an district of Shanghai! Outside of the Grand Finals, teams played at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, though Blizzard hopes that teams will eventually travel to compete in each other's home cities in future seasons. Titanfall • In May 2017, ESPN reported that the League had been having difficulties in signing franchises, which ESPN ascribed to two issues. Any players not under contract into the 2020 season become free agents. 1 All heroes skins 2 Ana 3 Ashe 4 Baptiste 5 Bastion 6 Brigitte 7 D.va 8 Doomfist 9 Echo 10 Genji 11 Hanzo 12 Junkrat 13 Lúcio 14 McCree 15 Mei 16 Mercy 17 Moira 18 Orisa 19 Pharah 20 Reaper 21 …

[61][62], The league launched in 2018 with twelve teams, each based in a global city. Brothers in Arms •

Teams may also submit player trades for approval. [2] The league currently features twenty teams split between two conferences, which is subdivided into two divisions each. An online encyclopedia based on the popular FPS created by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch is a six-versus-six team-based first-person shooter video game. Other teams which already have secured larger arenas will host additional regular season events to allow the newer teams/arenas to become better established; for example, Dallas, Washington and Guangzhou will host five homestand events. Why ‘Overwatch’ Competitive Mode Is Infuriating. [43], To support spectating on broadcast and streaming media, Blizzard has implemented cosmetic modifications to the game. [36] By March 2017, the Krafts and Activition had worked out the deal to secure the first team owner for the Overwatch League. Crysis • Welcome to Hangzhou! [105] These initial schedules are being developed by the teams as to best manage travel and cost, but Blizzard anticipates taking over the scheduling in the following season. Blizzard sought out potential team owners, aiming to include teams that were localized to a geographic area. Modern Combat • The Overwatch League is owned by Blizzard Entertainment and run under the Major League Gaming organization, which is also owned by Blizzard's parent company, Activision Blizzard. PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds • [106] Blizzard will continue to manage all the broadcast and streaming of matches.

Borderlands •

1. [36] Kraft spent time over the next few years evaluating other esport competitions but was not comfortable with their grassroots nature, but the Overwatch League, as explained by Kotick during BlizzCon 2016, caught his attention. [18] Players, as part of their benefits, receive media training to help with speaking to the press and public about their roles, an issue that has been a problem in previous organized esport systems. Please be sure to check out our policies and editing guidelines before you start contributing! Pre-season play for the inaugural season began on December 6, 2017. Regular Season - February 8th - August 9th, 2020 1.1. 2020 Homestand is confirmed. [63][3][64] With the 2020 season, the two divisions were elevated to conferences, keeping the same team distributions, but with now two divisions within each conference. [45][46] Later, at the start of the second stage for the first season, Blizzard offered players tokens for watching the live broadcast of the games through any of the official channels. The series was the conclusion of the 2020 Overwatch League playoffs and was played between the San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty. Deadline for all teams to have a minimum of eight players under contract. Intel and HP were the league's first sponsors, in multiyear agreements including the provision of HP gaming computers and Intel processors. [105], The free agency period for the 2020 season began September 30, 2019, following conclusion of the 2019 Grand Finals. A player can switch to an available hero within the same class if they are eliminated prior to respawning, or if they return to their current spawn point, which allows for teams to adjust their composition dynamically based on the current situation. [15] Nanzer further stated that Blizzard planned to have all teams playing at home stadiums for all such games in 2020. [97][98] The total prize pool for the season is US$5 million. All listed venues are in the home team's state/province unless otherwise noted. For the season, existing teams began re-contracting existing players, trading players with other teams, and bringing on any players from affiliated Contenders teams starting August 1 and ending September 8, 2018.

Other teams like the London Spitfire and the New York Excelsior had looked to Geguri as a free agent but in the end desired to work from an established set of players that had already worked in leagues in the past. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots American football team, was one of the first businesspeople approached to own an Overwatch League team. [18][111][17][112] Some of this poor behavior had concerned at least one of the League's sponsors, HP Inc., since the behavior becomes associated with their brand, though such problems were not unique to esports, according to HP product manager John Ludwig.

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