unlawful termination alberta

Instead of giving termination notice, an employer may pay an employee termination pay in lieu of notice or a combination of the two, unless the contract of employment modifies this right. This provides him or her the opportunity to change behaviour which the employer perceives as unsatisfactory. In short, the employer must have proof that the employee’s conduct constituted a “fundamental breach” of the employment contract. Many employers use this concept to support the decision to dismiss. If you were not fired for proper legal cause, you may be entitled to a severance package that compensates you for wages, insurance, bonuses, fringe benefits, retirement, and pension contributions, and other benefits you would have received had you received your required notice. The employer also said that they chose to keep the other employee because of his superior work performance. In the early years, Colin's respected technical abilities had resulted in promotions. After refusing a direct order of his supervisor to do work outside his regular duties, Colin was dismissed.

The following factors have been considered by adjudicators: Examples of this kind of situation are given in Cases 9 and 10. T2W 4X9.

If done properly, termination without cause is lawful.

The firm provided him with opportunity and training to improve, but he did not. Working notice means that the employee must continue in their current job until a certain date, at which time their employment will terminate. In these situations, the employee has likely been terminated “without cause” even if a reason for termination was provided. We understand that there is more to you than the legal inquiry that brought you in. Call or text us using the details below or fill out an enquiry form. Joint Bank Accounts: What Happens When One Account Holder Passes Away? While Lise controlled that fund, Val actively participated in running it. Termination for just cause typically involves conduct that’s serious enough (either on its own account or in combination with other factors) to justify the employer ending the employment relationship. It is also more expensive. The majority of unjust dismissals are resolved at this stage.

After nine months as head teller, Jean's immediate supervisor rated her performance as "low competent". Is a Former Spouse Entitled to a Deceased’s Estate in Alberta?

About five weeks into the "corrective supervision" period, Jean had an unexplained cash shortage of $2,000.

You will not receive a reply. If your severance package is more than $10,000, you will need to file a civil lawsuit. The adjudicator found Henry's dismissal unjust. Whether a dismissal results from a series of minor infractions or a major offence, it is generally accepted that there are two types of facts, aside from the strict facts of the case, that play a role in determining the appropriate disciplinary action, especially when an action as serious as dismissal is being considered. The appraisal showed that Jean made an effort to respond to these suggestions. As well, she had to do this work while she was alone in the office with no one to answer her questions. Federal and provincial law protects an employee’s right to be given notice of termination or to be paid in lieu of working during this notice period.

Employee's written request for adjucation; go to 4. This general information only applies to non-unionized employees who are employed by a provincial jurisdiction employer. This meant work attendance, cash balances, and her "adherence to other work place procedures" would be closely scrutinized.

Kim Draper had worked for two years as a camera operator at a small television station when she was fired for "poor work performance". He said that the fact that a new employee was carrying out duties similar to Peter's showed that the job had not been eliminated and that budget problems were not the real reasons for Peter's dismissal.

Dismissals and permanent terminations may be the result of disciplinary actions which can be found to be just or unjust through the procedure described in the Code. An employer is prohibited from requiring the employee to use entitlements such as vacation or overtime during the termination notice period, unless both parties agree to it. If your severance package is more than $10,000, you will need to file a civil lawsuit. Bob agreed to the manager's terms and was back at work two weeks later. The employer held that the policy of dismissal was justified by the importance of the company's integrity, the sporadic nature of courier supervision, the values of items entrusted to drivers, and the image of trustworthiness the employer had to maintain. Allegations were not known to the employee.

Progressive discipline can be used to improve employee's job performance or enforce rules in the work place. The adjudicator dealt with each case separately.

Expediting termination. If the dismissed person did not make reasonable efforts to find other employment while awaiting the adjudicator's decision, the adjudicator may reduce the size of the award.

developing an employee handbook and distributing it to all staff: include information on vacation and general holidays, overtime and disciplinary measures for misconduct, post a copy of this handbook in a public place for all staff, issuing warning letters if the employee’s conduct becomes problematic. George Brown had worked for the same company for almost five years. You should seek legal advice if you feel that you have been wrongfully dismissed from your job, as this can be a very complicated area of the law. These cases demonstrate that an adjudicator has wide latitude in providing a remedy when dismissals are found to be unjust. This does not mean that an employer can fire an employee and then claim that lack of work or a change in work assignments is the reason. Pamphlet 1 - Summary

After hearing the evidence, the adjudicator commented that dismissal is no longer an automatic penalty in cases of dishonesty. The adjudicator found that Val had been unjustly dismissed because she had been intimidated by Lise into participating in the scheme. Suite 400, 10216 124 Street NW, T2W 4X9.

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