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I cover everything from the idea process to animating for free so buckle up and enjoy the ride!-- Time Stamps \u0026 Mentioned Links --00:24 Introduction01:00 Channel Name02:11 Designing Your Character ► Design Tutorial: ► Art Style Tutorial: ► Art Style Tutorial: The Idea Process05:47 Scripting07:06 Storyboards07:57 Recording Your Voice09:50 Edit Your Audio ► Audacity: ► Levelator: ► Lav Mic: Animation (Computer) ► Sai: ► HitFilm: ► Remove Watermark: ► Inkscape: ► Krita: ► Krita Tutorial:\u0026t=598s ► Flash MX2004 Video:\u0026t=2s ► I'm not responsible for any virus you accidentally download, but you can use this site to check your .exe before you run it: Animation (Mobile) ► FlipaClip iOS: ► FlipaClip Android:\u0026hl=en_US ► MediBang: ► iMovie: ► Cinou's Video: Video Editing45:52 Thumbnails ► Pixlr: Publishing48:25 Upgrading ► Fifine Mic: ► Snowball iCE: ► Samson C01U Pro USB: ► Audio-Technica AT2020USB: CloserEnjoy \u0026 remember to subscribe and ring the bell to support me!-- Find Me! We make animated storytime videos of real stories that you submit. Domics. So what you get are these sort of "animatics" with limited animation. Thanks for watching Storytime Animations! We're a YouTube channel specializing in animating your true stories. YouTube Animators This is the category for YouTubers that make animations. Youtube animation in general is a dying community. I like him but he's been making too many videos of him just chatting with his friends lately. With the way ad revenue is handled it isn't financially profitable or even very easy to put that much time into animations. Start a Storytime Animation Channel Without ANY MONEY | Mega TutorialIn this extremely long video, I try and teach you the ins and outs of starting a storytime channel. A long 15 min video might take months to make. --► Twitter:► Discord:► Instagram: Credits --► Images were drawn and colored by SporkNotFork► Animation/Editing by SporkNotFork► This video was made possible by and Music --\"Herbal Tea\" Aryll Fae (Artificial.Music)Licensed under Public Domain #Tutorial #AnimationTutorial #MegaTutorial #Animation #Storytime … Start a Storytime Animation Channel Without ANY ... - YouTube

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