rugby lineout positions

Switching Between Rugby Union and Rugby League. Often, when a team is awarded a line-out close to their opponent's goal-line, they will attempt to form a maul around the catcher and drive over the goal-line to score a try. the lineout takes place where the ball was kicked from (Ouch!).

To new rugby union viewers the 22 metre rule may seem a bit of a gimmick. Unless the ball is passed from in front of the 22 to the kicker, then play restarts from where it went out whether it bounced first or not. Even if it is your throw in, your team may concede a penalty or a scrum to the opposing team. If you would like to accelerate your journey to become THE rugby hero on your team, check out our “Start here” page to see how we can help guide you. The hooker whose team did not kick it out throws the ball down the middle of the line out and each team tries to hoist players up to catch the ball. [8] If, however, a player runs forward or infield and the ball is not thrown beyond the 15-metre line, that player is off-side. A line-out is one of the two methods of restarting play after the ball has gone into touch, the other is the "quick throw-in" (sometimes referred to as a quick line-out). The second most common option after the rugby lineout, is that the ball is cleared as quickly as possible to the backline.

Anything can happen during or after a lineout. In other words, kicking the ball so it goes out without bouncing is usually a costly mistake. Alternatively, they may choose not to contest the line-out but to drive onto the catcher as soon as he returns to the ground. However, there are some quirks in the lineout rules that could catch the ill-informed player off guard. mark the opposing hooker. perform the lineout throw in. You many enter the field of play as the hooker, once the In general, the The 22 metre rule is very common in rugby union because it is a good way of gaining territory and a chance to contest possession at the rugby lineout. However, lifting in the line-out was legalised in 1999[5] under Law 18[6] of the World Rugby laws.

two teams. [7] Players in the line-out must not close the gap or enter the gap, except in the act of jumping for the ball, nor may they jump or support a jumper before the ball is thrown; such actions are penalised with a free-kick. The other exception is the 22 metre rule, which will be discussed later. Your goal is ideally to catch your lineout throw, or at least tap it back to a team mate. There is a maximum of 15 players from each team allowed on a rugby field at any one time. Quick lineout throws can be taken if the lineout has not yet been formed. The first word would relate to the planned catcher, the second to the planned location in the lineout, and the third for the move that is to follow.

the opposing jumper to come safely to ground before laying hands on them. [1] In all other cases, the line-out is formed at the spot where the ball crossed the touch-line, except that if this spot is within 5 metres of the goal-line, the line-out is formed on the 5-metre line. What we are seeing is the rugby union lineout, one of the most contested components of the game of rugby union, not to mention the most nerve-racking to viewers.

The two most important roles in the lineout are: Lifters have the responsibility of bringing their jumpers The other rugby rules can be found in this post. A famous example of this was in the 2011 Rugby World Cup final. You may contest for the ball with both of your arms if they are above your head. outside the 22, the lineout will still take place from where they have kicked In a quick throw-in the player throwing the ball back into play cannot send the ball forward towards the opponent's goal line, though unlike a line-out the ball may be thrown back in the direction of the player's own goal line.

lineout will occur where the ball or the player in possession of the ball

Lineouts occur when

Players from both sides must be between the dotted 5m and *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Players from the side not throwing may jump to compete for the ball, though they must be careful not to attract a penalty for interfering with an opposing jumper. Modern goal kickers can often kick penalties anywhere from the halfway line. The key for the forwards is to win possession and distribute the ball effectively to the back line. This article about the rugby line-out is part of a series of rugby basics brought to you by RugbyFix. This post focuses on the rules of the lineout in rugby, and since there Firstly, the player who is lifted to catch the ball holds on to it, and his team mates huddle around him and form a maul, slowly walking the ball forward. With in-depth articles on attacking, defending, game management and position specific skills. Height of a rugby flanker In the modern game, both flankers are often used as lineout options. [3], Players not forming part of the line-out, or acting as receiver, must stay at least 10 metres (11 yd) behind the line at which the line-out is formed until the line-out is over; the only exception is if the line-out is formed within 10 metres of a team's goal-line, when they need only retreat behind the goal-line. throw. One player from the throwing team is usually designated to shout the code, and it is particularly important that the thrower should know what the code is, so that he can execute the throw as intended. Either way, the rugby lineout is now over and play resumes immediately. If any of these rules responsibility is to receive the ball, as it leaves the lineout. A quick throw-in may be taken without waiting for a line-out to be formed. The gap between where the two teams line up must be 1 meter Because the line-out is contestable in rugby, it makes kicking the ball out a very common and strategic option as your team has realistic chance of regaining possession in a rugby union lineout.

[7] Penalty kicks and free kicks are awarded 15 metres infield from the touch-line. This will be discussed in the ‘Rugby Lineout Plays and Moves’ section.

In fact, one of the key statistics mentioned in televised games is the amount of rugby played in each team’s half. The defending team may have a player in a position to Richie McCaw: The Open Side / Real McCaw Autobiography Review. You could also go through Law 18 in the rugby rule book, but most people would rather peel their eyelids than read that boring text. The positions are divided into two main categories; forwards (numbered 1 to 8) and backs (numbered 9 to 15). place where the ball or the ball-carrier goes into touch (crosses either touch line These include the ball not being thrown in straight or not quickly enough, players being lifted too early or closing the gap between the teams. Defending teams can match or have less players in the lineout.

If the ball is thrown beyond the 15-metre line, a player from the throwing team who is not taking part in the line-out may run forward to take the ball. To form a lineout, the two teams line up where the lineout

Here each team stands in a line one metre apart and 5 metres out from the point of the sideline where the ball went out. There is also a player that The defending team may have a player in a position to receive the ball from the lineout too.

When the ball goes out in rugby union, play resumes with a rugby lineout.

15m lines that run parallel to the touch lines. The lineout rules give freedom for the tactical decision to be made by the opposition. On occasion the entire lineout sequence is a planned attacking move. Where the line-out is taken depends on the manner in which the ball was played into touch. Due to the specific rules placed on quick throw-ins they are uncommon in a rugby match with the majority of restarts from touch taking the form of a line-out. The average top-tier blindside flanker has an average height of 1.92m or 6ft4in. reduce the amount of aimless kicking that happens in a game. aren’t many that apply to the lifter, I’ll move on to the jumpers. lineout rule as stated above applies.

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