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He sees Clay and Sunny and begins to attack them, and accuses Tsunami of being a traitor after she tries to defend her friends.

Webs, another member of the Talons, decides to get a RainWing egg as a replacement, despite the protests from Kestrel and Dune, two other members. You can help the wiki by adding or expanding the following sections: Wasp is a female HiveWing and the current queen of her tribe and the SilkWings.

She runs away and finds Riptide, who teaches her some important Aquatic phrases, and the two have a conversation, with Riptide wanting to know more about his father Webs. A SkyWing with firescales is too hot to touch, and anything or anyone that comes into contact with them will usually combust into flames. with the Breath of Evil.

Since then, she's been working to change her dragons into a better, more efficient tribe and sending their dragonets to school. This article is a stub. It would have died out had it not been for Hawthorn nursing it back to health to order to infect Queen Wasp with it. 2,000 years before the main series, many NightWings could read minds or see the future or, in rare cases, both at the same time. She is able to convince a few guards to give her the key, and Sunny agrees to help take care of the egg.

It originated when Queen Oasis of the SandWings was murdered by a group of scavenger siblings, Heath, Stone, and Rose, who were seeking to steal the treasure that Oasis owned; they were caught in the crime scene by the queen herself, they killed her and Stone and Heath got away with the treasure, while Rose was left behind at the palace, believed to be dead by her brothers. They then travel to the old Night Kingdom: the lost city of night, Where Turtle must face his fears. MudWings care far more about comfort than decoration, and their houses consist of nothing more than mud and plants. After the stronghold, the dragonets decide to bring the three queens together, The second arc is centered around another prophecy, this time delivered by a young NightWing, MoonWatcher.

Tsunami realizes in horror that the dead SkyWing is Kestrel. If a MudWing were to hatch from a blood-red egg, that MudWing will have fire-resistant scales, which means their scales will heal over any burns at an unnaturally quick rate.

Glory also discovers that the RainWing queens be queen in shifts. The second, a fruit gathering contest between Mangrove and Dazzling, Mangrove wins despite their other attempt to cheat, giving Glory's team a point. IceWings are very formal and strict and expect certain behaviors from their fellow dragons depending on which rank that dragon is in.

The IceWings used to have animus dragons, but none have been born for the last 2,000 years since their last animus dragon, Prince Arctic, ran away to be with the NightWing Foeslayer.

Glory also put a truce in place with the IceWings in order to protect the NightWings. (queen) Wasp WoF (queen in parenthesis cuz she don't deserve it) Post.

He has a crush on Kinkajou, a RainWing student, who then is enchanted by Anemone to love Turtle, and after the spell is removed, admits that she does not know whether she has feelings for him or not, but they will see if it works out. Webs is able to escape, but Scarlet kills Dune and takes the dragonets and Kestrel hostage. Scavengers sometimes try to steal treasure from dragons.

They live in the Sky Kingdom, high up in the mountains. Blue, a SilkWing, who narrates "The Lost Continent". Cricket, Bumblebee and HiveWings older than about fifty years are the only HiveWings known who are immune to Queen Wasp's mind control. Tsunami, despite not understanding Aquatic, responds back by flashing her own stripes back without knowing she was communicating. They arrive to the Summer Palace and Tsunami meets her mother, Queen Coral, and her little sister Anemone.

Towards the end of "The Lost Continent", he develops romantic feelings for Cricket, which is forbidden by Hive law. Nightwing's with future-sighting could even deliver prophecies. Clearsight married into the BeetleWing tribe and had many children (possibly with a BeetleWing named Sunstreak, and with another unnamed BeetleWing), and her children had children, and these NightWing-BeetleWing hybrids eventually became their own tribe: HiveWings. Winter searches for his dangerous sister, Icicle, and his missing brother, Hailstorm, with the help of Moon, Kinkajou,and Qibli.

It is also shown that there are quite a few LeafWings with Leafspeak, including Belladonna and Hemlock, who are Sundew's parents, and Mandrake, who is supposedly Sundew's fiancé even though Sundew wants to be with Willow (she is with the "SapWings" side) and, of course, several various other LeafWings who are not named. = Male Whiteout passed down the animus gene through the tribe by having dragonets. They have a pair of antennae atop their heads that they use to detect vibrations in the air.

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