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They portaged, or carried their canoes and supplies, from the Fox to the Wisconsin River. 27 Oct 2020. Related facts about.

He recorded details of the country, navigation, the Inuit and their customs. In 1693, he was appointed "Royal Hydrographer", and on April 30, 1697, he was granted a seigneury southwest of Quebec City which he named Jolliest.
When Louis Joliet was born in Quebec, Canada, on September 21, 1645, North America was still a very wild place. He was baptized on Sept. 21, 1645, at the parish church of Quebec.

Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards. He was famous for being a Explorer. Easy Science for Kids, Oct 2020. On May 17, 1673, Jolliet and Marquette departed from St. Ignace, Michigan with two canoes and five other voyageurs of French-Indian ancestry (today's Métis). Jolliet attended a Jesuit school in Quebec and received minor orders in 1662, but abandoned his plans to become a priest in 1667. Here’s the best kids Louis Joliet video you can watch right now to learn more about Louis Joliet: eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'easyscienceforkids_com-leader-1','ezslot_12',667,'0','0']));Answer: His maps and journals were widely respected, as well. The most famous exploit in the career of this >multifaceted man was the exploration of the Mississippi River in 1673. It was to be profitably financed, hopefully, by a group of private individuals whose return would come from the fur trade. To re-enable the tools or to convert back to English, click "view original" on the Google Translate toolbar. Bookmark this page and come back often for updates. < https://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-louis-joliet/ >. Explorer #37. Fact Check: We strive for accuracy and fairness. Joliet didn’t find what he was looking for, but his maps and notes were very useful for later expeditions. He once again became a fur trader. They told the two men that armed, unfriendly Europeans were further down the river. Louis Jolliet’s birth sign is 09/21/ and he had a ruling planet of 09/21/.

After a year in France, Jolliet determined to enter the fur trade, that magnet of the youth of New France, and began his career in the west. The exact birth date of Louis Jolliet is unknown. The Indians were ready to attack them.

It was hoped that it would lead to the "Southern Sea" and the long-sought passage to China.

He set out in the spring for Quebec, but his canoe capsized when nearly home, and the precious map and logbook were lost (a duplicate set left at Sainte-Marie was destroyed by fire). They became the first European men to visit what is now Illinois. During the journey southward past the confluence of the Missouri and then the Ohio, they marveled at the unfamiliar scenery and the exotic birds. All Rights Reserved. Enjoyed the FREE Geography Kids Online all about Louis Joliet info? Accessible across all of today's devices: phones, tablets, and desktops.

The Quapaw people there told them that the river flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. The western regions had never been explored and many people still hoped to find a passageway to Asia. Marquette returned to what later became the Illinois Country in late 1674. Part of the group would remain at this settlement to engage in the fur trade. Missionary. The voyageurs then followed the Mississippi back to the mouth of the Illinois River, which friendly natives told them was a shorter route back to the Great Lakes. He and Father Jacques Marquette were the first European men to explore the upper Mississippi River in North America. It was clear, however, that the river flowed into the Gulf of Mexico and that the legendary route to the "Southern You may cut-and-paste the below MLA and APA citation examples: Declan, Tobin. " Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. In May 1673 Jolliet, Marquette, and five others set out on their great adventure. Terms of Use Web. After having had previously led an expedition in the Great Lakes region in 1669, Joliet became authorized by Governor Frontenac of New France (Canada), to explore the Mississippi River and surrounding areas with Pere Jacques Marquette, five voyageurs and two canoes in 1673. He was presumed dead in May 1700. Easy Science for Kids. Brother of Adrien Jolliet; Marie Jolliet; Zacharie Jolliet; Private and Private Father of Louis Joliet, fils; Charles Jolliet-d'Anticosti; François Joliet; Marie-Geneviève Joliet; Jean-Baptiste Jolliet and 2 others; Claire-Catherine Joillet and Anne Joillet « less Joliet took the credit due to his discoveries of North America. He presumably died on the journey back home when he went looking for his brother, Jake. Come aboard the AML Louis Jolliet, Quebec City’s unique boat restaurant. Louis got his education at Jesuit College in Quebec where he focused on music, religious and philosophical studies. Privacy Policy. Canadian explorer who became famous for his findings throughout North America, which included the Upper Mississippi River. The exact birth date of Louis Jolliet is unknown. Sep 21 1645 - Québec, Canada, Nouvelle-France, Jean Joliet, Marie d'Abancourt dite Lacaille. The most famous exploit in the career of this multifaceted man was the exploration of the Mississippi River in 1673. Louis Jolliet Popularity . The little group halted at the Arkansas River and went no further, deterred by their suspicion of the Indians and fear of the Spanish. Following his instructions, Jolliet proceeded to Michilimackinac to join forces with Father Jacques Marquette, who had been ordered to accompany the expedition. Louis Jolliet was born in the Year of the 09/21/. Louis Jolliet facts: Louis Jolliet (1645-1700) was a Canadian explorer, musician, hydrographer, fur trader, and teacher. Virgos. Jolliet was born in 1645 in Beaupré, a French settlement near Quebec City. They turned back north at the mouth of the Arkansas River. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards.

Louis Joliet, also known as Louis Joliet, was a French Canadian explorer known for his discoveries in North America.When Louis Joliet was born in Quebec, Canada, on September 21, 1645, North America was still a very wild place. He became ill and died. When Joliet returned to Quebec, he got married and settled down. The chief welcomed them and gave them a peace pipe. Though no authentic period portrait is known to exist, Jolliet is often portrayed wearing either typical frontiersman garb such as a fur hat or in sharp contrast, ensconced in the European nobleman's style that his personal wealth and prestige would have commanded although living in colonial society. Louis Joliet was a talented and well-rounded person. Louis Joliet, also known as Louis Joliet, was a French Canadian explorer known for his discoveries in North America. When Joliet showed the Indians the peace pipe, they took the two men to their village. Husband of Claire-Françoise Francoise Bissot de la Rivière In 1694, he went on another expedition to charter the coast of Labrador. Facts about Louis Joliet narrate the life of the French Canadian explorer. Jolliet and Jesuit Father Jacques Marquette, a Catholic priest and missionary, were the first non-Natives to explore and map the Mississippi River in 1673. First Name Louis #43. Europeans eventually built a trading post at that shortest convenient portage between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins. He could speak English, French and Spanish languages.In those da… He became a professor of Hydrography at the University of Quebec. They then followed the Chicago River downstream until they reached Lake Michigan near the location of modern-day Chicago.

He went on another expedition in 1679 to learn about the Hudson Bay area, followed by an expedition of the Labrador Coast. The best book in English is Jean Delanglez, Life and Voyages of Louis Jolliet, 1645-1700 (1948).

In 1673, he joined Jacques Marquette, a missionary, to explore the area. Britannica does not review the converted text. The Natives were part of day-to-day life in Quebec, and Joliet grew up knowing a lot about them. He was also a skilled musician. Four years later he was off on another mission, this time to Hudson Bay. Louis Jolliet was a 09/21/ and was born in the 09/21/. In 1697 he was appointed to fill the office of hydrographer and produced many excellent navigation maps of the St. Lawrence River and Gulf. Musicien, il est le premier organiste de la cathédrale de Québec. Jacques Marquette. Please check back soon for updates. Louis Jolliet, Jolliet also spelled Joliet, (born before Sept. 21, 1645, probably Beaupré, near Quebec—died after May 1700, Quebec province), French Canadian explorer and cartographer who, with Father Jacques Marquette, was the first white man to traverse the Mississippi River from its confluence with the Wisconsin to the mouth of the Arkansas River in Arkansas. He received orders to become a priest in 1662, but abandoned those plans to become an explorer. Easy Geography Kids Facts All About Louis Joliet – Image of Louis Joliet. Louis Jolliet was an accomplished organist. Louis Jolliet Fans Also Viewed . His journal ("Journal de Louis Jolliet allant à la descouverte de Labrador, 1694,") is the earliest known detailed survey of the Labrador coast from the Strait of Belle Isle to Zoar. Louis Jolliet was a 09/21/ and was born in the 09/21/.
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