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(Kim Jong-un speaking foreign language) ELIZABETH PALMER: North Korea has not had a single COVID case, he said, and offered condolences to the rest of the world. Looking for extended transcripts of our 2020 campaign interviews? This is having a massive social impact. NEEL KASHKARI: We cannot fix it alone. But there is growing momentum for Barbara Lagoa.

Somebody needs two seventy to win. ANTONIN SCALIA (The National Press Club): Ruth is really bad only on the knee-jerk stuff. We'll be right back. It's also Black and Hispanic workers who have suffered the greatest number of-- of job losses. MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, it sounds like Republicans aren't going to pass the-- the bill that the President now says he wants to do. But I think on the whole, it's probably a safe assumption that he's no longer contagious. But it is clearly two things are of great importance.

Also, we have won on Democrats trying to expand ballot harvesting, getting rid of signature verification, everything they are doing, every single lawsuit we are in-- MARGARET BRENNAN: So yesterday-- RONNA MCDANIEL: -- is Democrats trying to upend election integrity. MARGARET BRENNAN: The headlines from our Battleground Tracker from Texas and Florida are coming up. MARK STRASSMANN: But in America's COVID chronicle, family's sorrows are not going away.

SCOTT GOTTLIEB: We would have needed to take different steps in April and May to ramp up manufacturing capacity to have the drug available in larger quantities right now.

When they weren't in agreement, they didn't, and we were in a situation in 2016 where the White House was controlled by one party, the Senate by another. PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Because I found that she had the best combination of skills and instincts of any of the people I interviewed and, boy, I interviewed some great people.

SENATOR ROY BLUNT: Well, the-- the President has to make that decision. During her twenty-seven years as a justice, she became a celebrity.

And I love you. And this is one of those moments with so much at stake, from civil rights to voting rights to health care in and of itself, these decisions that the Supreme Court makes, it's important that they not only have the force of law, but the force of the legitimacy of everyone. I don't know about you. MARGARET BRENNAN: We're facing new, grim milestones in the COVID-19 pandemic.
That's been the President's strongest message. What's the implication of it? Thank you, Doctor, for your time. MARGARET BRENNAN: --regarding voting integrity. MARGARET BRENNAN: Why did you select her? Only Congress can do that. JAN CRAWFORD: I mean, Margaret, I-- I have to say, I mean, I've never seen anything like it. As goes the virus, so it seems, goes the race. We need Congress to continue to be aggressive so that the recovery can be stronger. I just-- you're telling me now for the first time.

CROWD (in unison): Fill that seat. Although in an ominous sign, Margaret, one of those huge COVID emergency hospitals that had been mothballed this summer has just reopened. A brilliant mind made a difference in our country.

We all have to step up-- MARGARET BRENNAN: Right. RONNA MCDANIEL: No, we-- MARGARET BRENNAN: But let me ask you about-- RONNA MCDANIEL: Who cares? MARGARET BRENNAN: Right. MARK STRASSMANN: You can track COVID's impact on the presidential race. I haven't heard that if he has. And it's-- it's much cheaper if you can keep people whole on the front end. I want to know what he's doing. Some people get tested because they're just the worried well.

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