dragon quest 11 pep powers

Games Movies TV Video. As our first tip below says, Dragon Quest 11 is a slow burn, so you’re going to have a lot (a lot) of time to get comfortable with its concepts. This will let you track down any specific item you’re looking for without having to wander all across Erdrea. Traveller’s Tips will let you revisit the basics of the game’s controls and mechanics. Your map does a few things to help you out. Under Info, you’ll find some general behind-the-scenes information about your game like The Story So Far or a list of the monsters you’ve fought and defeated, along with an Item List. Pep Powers. Since you can avoid them if you want, you can choose when and what monsters to fight. You’ll simply learn more powers as you learn more abilities. 11 tips to help you find your way through Erdrea. More useful, though, is the Found In and Dropped By lists. Houses are where you’ll find some of the game’s best loot. At times during battle, your characters will experience a surge of emotion and power that puts them in a pepped up state (noted by a blue aura), and if multiple party members are pepped up, you can use powerful abilities known as Pep Powers. But even after that, there’s reason to keep cranking out low-level items. If you want to choose every action each party member takes, you can. There are some abilities that do not require all participants to be pepped up. If you want to only control your heavy-hitters and set someone else to automatically cast only healing spells, that works, too. Of course, also getting new party members means you’ll have a selection of new powers to choose from. The events of Dragon Quest 11 unfold slowly. In the menu, Attributes will let you see each party member’s current stats. There’s usually a treasure chest behind the main building in an area — this might be the only building in the wilds or the local leader’s house in a city. Sometimes characters will automatically learn spells as they level up, which can lead to new Pep Powers. When characters become Pepped Up, they can use joint attacks called Pep Powers. This allows you to fight the way that works for you. For this quest, the client wants you to defeat a Spitzfire using the Wild Side pep power. Your menu will give you a lot of the answers you’re looking for (or the answers you’ve forgotten in your many hours of playing). When you dig into that information, you’ll be able to find the stats and general in-universe information about that item. This guide is here to help you. Between the 400 monsters, 200 weapons, 100 materials, 44 side quests and the dozens of locations and pep powers, there’s just a ton to keep track of while playing Dragon Quest 11.

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