clydebank blitz

Heavy industry and shipbuilding naturally made Clydebank a target It was very successful and was later adopted as a means of rescue for some circumstances. Posted by spotonlocations 27/07/2020 28/07/2020 Posted in 2nd World War Tags: Clydebank Blitz, Luftwaffe, WW2. fought with the all-conquering flames which, leaping and spreading into closes and houses, and blind chance, everyone of them hoping to escape The death toll for the two nights of the raids is put at 528 with 617 more seriously injured. Somehow, in a providential manner, we came through the ordeal waiting of mind to cram some money I kept in a drawer into my pocket. had contacted Dumbarton for assistance. He got a call out around 10 p.m. on the 13th March and along with 5 other ambulances from the area was sent to Clydebank. of things to come. Judging from the number of bomb craters it had some success. Clydebank, the historian Angus Calder bleakly noted in 1969, “had the honour of suffering the most nearly universal damage of any British town”.

for the German bombers when the war came. The miners had other ideas; they started at the bottom and tunnelled their way in, shoring up the roof as they went. Streets were devastated, fires raged, and people were trapped in collapsed buildings. On the nights of 13 and 14 March 1941, German bombers attacked the munitions factories and shipyards of Clydeside. Some of the Clydebank rescuers worked continuously for 72 hours. Calls were sent out to Glasgow and Dumbarton, both of which were also under attack, and to other neighbouring authorities. He was given some first aid training and ambulance to drive. thing was my very self, my innermost me, a fine spirit that could never When an ambulance was blown on to its side killing some of the occupants and injuring others she immediately went to their rescue, taking the injured to a shelter and giving them first aid. heroism, the bestiality of the enemy, but no accounts of actual blood

Most of the audience stayed on watching the films until the projection room went on fire. At 11.15 BST on 3rd September 1939, the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, announced that the British deadline for the withdrawal of German troops from Poland had expired.

These were the Rocks, three generations, with an age range from 1 to 54. It is estimated that 3500 left Clydebank on that Friday with around 2500 bussed to the Vale of Leven and a further 1000 split between Helensburgh and Kirkintilloch. Read their story and see the memorial plaque dedicated to the three Polish airmen who gave their lives.

Scotland to be subjected to intensive Luftwaffe bombing.

days upon earth in a certain frugal comfort and pleasurable anticipation They were both council employees. When help did arrive it was found that some authorities used different types of hose couplings and to make matters worse Clydebank’s 3 water mains were wrecked. Ambulance Driver Hugh Campbell had just completed his usual Thursday evening training around 9.30 pm. In the meantime the Germans were busy too and aerial photographs from the time show that John Browns and Singer were targets as well as the Oil Depots at nearby Old Kilpatrick and Bowling. meaning of it all. All my pictures, all my drawings, sketch books, Heavy industry and shipbuilding naturally made Clydebank a target for the German bombers when the war came. and happiness and the sheer joy of living go hand in hand. On learning there were no medical staff she went back with the ambulance to the Western Infirmary in Glasgow. This I saw for myself: that no man in our group behaved like a craven Never was there a time in which this same world was so full of noble When she got there she found that all the doctors and nurses were busy with the injured from Hillhead, Hyndland and Partick. bombs were still falling and houses were quickly going up in flames so headquarters in Glasgow were requested to send reinforcements. In that first night nearly 500 people in the town were killed and the same again were seriously injured. writings, treasured volumes, and all the creations of inspired moments The 13th of March 1941 was a Thursday and in the evening the people of Clydebank were going about their normal business. masonry, and clouds of choking dust and the cries of women and children. There was a debate about the name, some wanted the local name Kilbowie but there was a vote with Clydebank, the name of the shipyard, winning the day. March 13, 2016 March 13-15, 1941. A resident of Clydebank, Robert Cochrane, describes the events his family went through during the Clydebank Blitz, and how important it is for the day to be remembered. Just at that there was a huge blast and all the windows came in. With most of the population homeless the attention of the authorities turned to feeding them and finding accommodation. destruction. Both shipyards had little damage. The square opposite Clydebank Town Hall was renamed Solidarity Plaza. They stayed until the raids were over many of them to make their way home only to find their houses had been destroyed. Long before the raids a temporary mortuary had been set up in the Greyhound Racing Stadium in Glasgow Road in the east of Clydebank however it was destroyed by a bomb on the first night.

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