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Those babies were gorgeous, especially when worn by Julius Erving. The ABA does not report your participation. It's tempting to imagine a world where the league secured the rights to its trademark roundball and successfully licensed it, a move that could have helped stabilize their perpetually barren coffers.

Click on Uniforms for Team Histories. Oakland A's owner Charles O. Finley brought his enthusiasm for Kelly green and gold uniforms to the ABA and to Memphis in 1972, a short but colorful stint that lasted but two seasons. .

This beautiful mess basks in its weirdness. The red, white, blue, and yellow pickaxe that sits in the oval is so huge that it relegates the player’s number to mere inches above the waist. → Read More: Flag on Uniform Prompted Objection Back in 1970, [Editor’s Note: Today we have an excellent entry by our own Mike Chamernik, who’s going to enlighten us on an important chapter in uniform history that has largely been forgotten.

The American Basketball Association lasted less than a decade but it gifted us a great many good things, including the three-point shot, an endless highlight reel of slam dunks and gravity-defying 'fros, megastars Julius Erving, George Gervin, and Artis Gilmore, and four current NBA franchises—the Brooklyn Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, and San Antonio Spurs.
Reliably staid varsity-inspired jerseys with vertically arched lettering dominated the circuit's early years, along with a series of fun, but often predictable logos. Brooklyn Dodgers, Dodger blue, Larry MacPhail, Los Angeles Dodgers. A quick glance at the ABA's first uniforms reveals a sea of comfortably conservative togs, with precious little in the way of color or personality.

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Yesterday was (as you should all be aware) the infamous “Purple Amnesty Day” on Uni Watch, and (coincidentally?) Three parallel top-to-bottom stripes—all of which are either a different color or width—is a scheme of which Halston himself would be proud. .

All rights reserved. For the most part, the ABA’s unis were, in a word, dope-a-delic, especially when compared to the era’s NBA gear.

. And the jersey’s front, on which an angry bird clutches the league’s trademark red, white, and blue ball, is utterly sublime. The Condors’ shades of rich yellow/gold and cherry red were eye-melting, and in order to compete with the NBA, the ABA had to try anything up to and including melting eyeballs. The Floridians, a regional franchise that played their home games at various locations in the Sunshine State, were outfitted in flashy black uniforms with vertical "hot orange" and magenta stripes that needed no jersey lettering to identify the team, the brainchild of team owner Ned Doyle, co-founder of advertising powerhouse Doyle Dane Bernbach. To that end, here are ten of our fave ABA unis, gear that’s as funky now as it was during the disco decade.

The Spirits of St. Louis, on the other hand, were all like, “Screw that, we’re going with neon orange as our primary color, plus we’re gonna incorporate our cartoony logo on the front of the jersey, plus we’re going by the Spirits of St. Louis rather than the St. Louis Spirits, and if you don’t like it, have fun with that snooze-riffic Detroit Pistons Basketball Club thing.”. The Los Angeles Clippers have worn Los Angeles Stars throwbacks, and the Memphis Grizzlies regularly channel their inner Memphis Sounds, replete with hot buttered soul wordmark and uniform numbers.

→ Read More: Flag on Uniform Prompted Objection Back in … Idaho attorneys may individually apply for course approval by submitting the Application for CLE credit to the Idaho State Bar with the required attachments.

A slew of NBA teams have garbed their players in ABA uniforms that have no real franchise connection whatsoever. Reliably staid varsity-inspired jerseys with vertically arched lettering dominated the circuit's early years, along with a series of fun, but often predictable logos.

Reader Bryan Beban tipped me off yesterday to something interesting: The road uniforms for Eastern Washington — a school that plays in the Big Sky Conference — have script NOBs! BALEAF EVO Women's Athletic Joggers Pants Dry Fit Running Capri Pants Zipper Pockets Lightweigh…

The downward-sloping sans serif font adds to the magic. A plump pink and orange vertical stripe on a white background. Yawn. (Author's note: If you have not read Terry Pluto's "Loose Balls," immediately step away from this page and go get the book. After the ABA's first year (1967-68), the troubled New Jersey Americans franchise moved to Long Island and became the New York Nets. So says fashion scribe Karina Reddy in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s extensive. © 2020 Collectable.

Most if not all of these collectors have spent literally decades searching for and acquiring these pieces (at very high prices), because of their passion and love for the ABA.

The Floridians owned it, and more power to them. The Nets and Nuggets have pivoted visual identities many times since joining the Association, but the Spurs look remarkably similar to their 1976 ancestors, even with Nike's 2018 tweak to the team's long-lived uniform lettering.

Teams were regularly folding, moving cities, becoming regional in scope, and changing up their graphics, often on the fly. So says fashion scribe Karina Reddy in the Fashion Institute of Technology’s extensive Fashion History Timeline. . And the jersey’s front, on which an angry bird clutches the league’s trademark red, white, and blue ball, is utterly sublime. The ABA and their upstart brethren, the World Hockey Association and the World Football League, looked fresh because they were fresh. The Spirits of St Louis began play in 1974 attired in burnt orange, black, and silver uniforms that featured a polished, classy logo that perfectly captured the charm of the league—brash, confident, oozing charisma. → Read More: Cursive Writing Makes Comeback — on the Hardcourt. By Phil Hecken Follow @PhilHecken !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=”//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); We all have our good days and our bad days. While we can only hypothesize what might have been, we can still celebrate the fallen league’s fun and funky visual legacy, a lasting tribute to big thinkers with small budgets.

Three stars on the jersey, two stars on the shorts, a thin, sleek font, and royal blue as far as the eye can see.
The \"Nets\" nickname was picked because it rhymed with \"Mets\" and \"Jets.\"

That’s a pretty rare thing.

. .

. All Rights Reserved, Collectable Technologies, Inc. The league's first commissioner, Basketball Hall of Famer George Mikan, was a strong and vocal advocate for the tri-color ball, which was the subject of some ridicule when it was introduced.

The ABA was a seat-of-the-pants operation throughout the course of its nine season history, and the visuals accurately reflect that core dynamic.

→ Read More: The First Pro Basketball Team To Wear Ad Patches, Cursive Writing Makes Comeback — on the Hardcourt, On Purple Amnesty Day, Uni Aesthetics Take A Hit, Flag on Uniform Prompted Objection Back in 1970, The First Pro Basketball Team To Wear Ad Patches. The Boston Celtics, for instance, sported their traditional white and green, their traditional font, and their traditional lack of graphics. Off the top of my head, I can think of only one . The look of the ABA tracked the look of American professional sports in the late sixties, but as the league began to develop a vivid and vibrant identity, the visuals began to follow suit. . Finally, let's recall the ABA's most visible and enduringly memorable symbol, its signature red, white, and blue basketball.

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