warrior wasp

[3] Within the nests, the wasps will often choose one hole as a preferred "entrance point" and another as a preferred "exit point" as opposed to entering either one at random. [2] Along with this "gaster-rubbing," S. septentrionalis will often chew and lick leaves on the pathway between the two sites,[2] thus enhancing their methods of communication.

[11] As evidence of this, it has been found that, in most swarming colonies such as S. septentrionalis, the population of queens is bi-modal with respect to age; some queens are very old while others are very young. virginea. [1], S. septentrionalis will often build their nests on trees, specifically flat against a tree trunk or a limb. [8] From a defensive standpoint, it is likely that gaster-flagging serves as a warning signal to predators that S. septentrionalis will engage in defensive stinging behavior if necessary.

[10], S. septentrionalis is unique to the genus Synoeca in that its nests will typically contain two entrance or exit holes, whereas the nests of other species in the genus will usually only contain one hole. [11] When the number of queens becomes low within a colony, they will signal to new females for them to try to become queens and repopulate the nest with queens.

Synoeca, a genus of wasps found in South and Central America [1] It is a swarm-founding wasp that is also eusocial,[2] exhibiting complicated nest structure and defense mechanisms[3] and a colony cycle including a pre-emergence phase and a post-emergence phase. [3] This wasp is one of the larger species of paper wasps and exhibits multiple morphological adaptations as a result of this. [13] As a result, S. septentrionalis can exist in a commensalistic relationship with Montezuma oropendola.[13]. [8] To make the sound, the wasps scrape their mandibles across the nest walls. [5] As a result, they are able to generate a lift force that is able to maintain flight in the presence of their large muscle mass. Western Cicada Killer - The Sphecius grandis also has a painful sting with a pain level of 1.5.

[1] They are also Neotropical, meaning that they are found in primarily tropical climates, such as rainforests, where humidity is relatively high. [2] Their nests will change as a colony grows. [8], Synoeca septentrionalis exhibits a black-ish or dark blue color and has a metallic-like appearance.
[3] Most nests have only two to three lobes, but nests with nine lobes that span over three meters have been reported. [12] S. septentrionalis has also been known to defend against army ants by piling their bodies up against the nest entrance.

[3], S. septentrionalis is a swarm founding species,[2] meaning that they will travel and found new colonies as a large group.
[4] However, species such as S. septentrionalis primarily reside in a tropical climate, and this congruency is disrupted, as they may stay in the same nest for more than one reproductive cycle. [11], Because morphology differences cannot dictate caste differences in S. septentrionalis, due to morphological similarity, castes are determined by adult disputes as opposed to manipulation at the larval stage.

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