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I was 14 years old in 1973. Plant asked. Press report: LED ZEPPELIN BREAKS ATTENDANCE RECORD AS WELL AS AN OLD BARRIER OF SILENCE. No way for a better start! I went to this show by myself, got dropped of in front of Tampa Stadium by my mom. Please try again later. I attended the Led Zeppelin concert in Tampa, Fl 1973. I don't remember what time it was, but it was early. Yeah 14. Three Dog Night is an American rock band best known for their music from 1968 to 1975. V.J. June 16, 1973 Featuring Deep Purple, Savoy Brown, Billy Preston, Blue Oyster Cult and Family. December 22, 1973 Featuring Alice Cooper and ZZ Top. Read More → Was pleased to learn that we had broken a long held attendance record formerly held by the Beatles In NY. Tho I will Never, EVER forget either one, the excitement and awe created by the vast number of people who attended--not to mention the astonishment of Led Zeppelin by the amount of people who were there ( I remember Robert Plant mentioning almost like he couldn't believe it the amount of people inside the stadium more than once)---made this THE best concert I ever went to. He wandered our way giving shotguns (remember those?) We were as close as you could get unless you were security. Pulled over and scored ticks. Use this setlist for your event review and get all updates automatically! November 10, 1997 Featuring U2, Third Eye Blind and Howie B. October 26, 1988 Featuring George Michael. Raymond James is a St. Petersburg, Florida based financial company that paid $33 Million for stadium naming rights until 2015. Three Dog Night at Stamford’s Palace Theatre - Sept 20th. All the hits and most of them included long jams of of British bluesy improv that would snake back to the signature riffs and end to estatic applause. Now Led Zeppelin is claiming one - biggest audience for one act ever in the United States. I was in the crowd for the Led Zeppelin show in Tampa, FL, May 1973. Some guy named Dusty in a moccasin vest kept weaving through the crowd selling pot and pills. They played all their big hits at the time. Some are a collaboration of all four. My 1st concert at age 13!! Not knowing what else to do with him, we brought him home with us. "It was a real surprise. 2 activities (last edit by dfrydlewicz, 9 Feb 2018, 19:35 Etc/UTC). This was May 5 at the Tampa Stadium, the night after the British group started its U.S. tour in Atlanta. August 23, 1974 Featuring Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Jesse Colin Young. This was the first concert i ever went to. ... THREE DOG NIGHT July 1, 1972 Featuring Three Dog Night, Humble Pie, Bang and the Buddy Miles Band. .Three hours of the greatest rock band ever.. Just doesn't get any better than that!!!! Went in around 12:30 and loved every minute of it! The girl I coerced, Melony(? April 5, 1975 Featuring The Doobie Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, The Outlaws and The Baker Gurvitz Army. Camped out in the woods across the street from the stadium. 7/1/1972 Tampa, FL, Tampa Stadium Three Dog Night (HL), Buddy Miles, Bang 7/2/1972 Memphis, TN, Memphis-Ellis Auditorium 7/3/1972 Shreveport, LA, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum Black Oak Arkansas By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about. E.g. ... THREE DOG NIGHT July 1, 1972 Featuring Three Dog Night, Humble Pie, Bang and the Buddy Miles Band. "We don't want problems, do we?" I wish I could have met you all.. maybe in my Dreams!!! Tossed the frisbee around a bit, then when the gates opened, we staked out an area around the 50 yard line. A lot of groups pack it up and form again. So my best friend and I shelled out the requisite five bucks each--the going rate for top tier shows then, unbelievably (inflation notwithstanding)--and made our way to the stadium. It was awesome. Three Dog Night's Concert History. I was there. (as I remember, there were people outside the stadium as far as you could see who couldn't get in) One band, playing at least 2 1/2 hours, over 56,000 people---they deserve their place in history for that alone!!!!!! Just before "Misty Mountain," Plant chatted to the crowd again. So cool it. He said that he remembered being very nervous about the size of the crowd and how proud he was when he learned toward the end of the show that they had broken the Beatles attendance record for a single act rock concert. November  22, 1994 Featuring The Rolling Stones and The Spin Doctors. I will never forget that show. We partied all night. The group also has a gold single, "Whole Lotta Love." June 14, 1975 Featuring Eric Clapton and Santana. Record-breaking tour audiences and grosses have been claimed by a lot of rock groups - Beatles, Rolling Stones, Three Dog Night, Grand Funk Railroad. Legendary music icons, Three Dog Night, celebrating nearly five decades, claims some of the most astonishing statistics in popular music. I'm now 57-years-old and this stands in my memory as the best concert I've ever seen. Wow --music, heat, and drugs! Wish I had saved the ticket! [url=]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=]More Three Dog Night setlists[/url], Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Do You Feel Alright? Joe. I think they played for more than 2 hours. November 18, 1989 Featuring The Rolling Stones and Living Colour. We were in the stands and they along with the field quickly filled up. April 7, 1995 Featuring The Grateful Dead and The Black Crowes. Live in the High Rockies now, so I really can't get enough of Led Zep: Plant, Page, Jonesy, Jason, and Bonso up in Heaven -- I am climbing those mountains with them in mind! Headed out and saw them the next night in Tampa...4th row center right under Plant. That alone is worth searching the Internet for a bootleg CD of the show.

Three Dog Night Setlist Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 1971 "Every time we make an album, our musical leanings advance more and more. During that time the band charted 21 Billboard top 40 hits in America, three of which reached Number One. As I threw my thumb out a car stopped with the occupents also heading to the show. In 1974 a $12 Million dollar expansion was approved to enclose the end zones and. ","body":" Get exclusive\u00a0official\u00a0Led Zeppelin news and announcements. July 2, 1988 Featuring Rod Stewart, Chicago and Hall & Oats. You can't keep sending out heavy rock all the lime. I went up to Tampa from Hollywood Fl with my friend Ron. Usa. Was heading for Tampa and was in traffic only to find out that they were playing. But if anybody thinks they're blasé about playing to such a big crowd as in Tampa, 'he's wrong. We immediately headed over and got into the parking lot at around 4:00PM. Everything else in between was pure Rock and Roll heaven for me...on the field. Well, at least the memories haven't been discarded, and today I appreciate the distinct privilege it was to be part of the event. Arrived at the stadium at 4pm and still had to sit way up in the stands. The concert itself was just fabulous. But the lovey-dovey mood evaporated a bit after "Since I've Been Loving You," when front row fans began getting out of control, pushing against barriers and forcing Plant to play security guard. Miss them all and Led Zeppelin so much! Spent 4 hours having fun with the "neighbors". Three Dog Night at Stamford’s Palace Theatre - Sept 20th. Entered the stadium sometime in the morning. I was attending Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, FL at the time. But nothing compared to what we witnessed that day in Tampa. I'm 53 y/o now and still recall that night as one of the most magical in my life. Zeppelin took the stage after 8 p.m., with the introduction: "Ladies and gentlemen, what more can I say? July 4, 1976 Featuring The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Loggins & Messina and Dan Fogelberg. Guitarist Jimmy Page was in rare form and the rest of the band sounded jazzed about having broken the Beatles's record. It's not the country's biggest city. Tampa Stadium was imploded on April 11,1999 and replaced by the $169 Million dollar Raymond James Stadium. The boys were in rare form that night and gave everyone there a memory that we'll never forget. I remember being in the back, up a few steps on a bleecher, and I remember the guitar sounds of Dazed and Confused. BRIDGE Society Mentoring and Networking Event: Careers in Law, Government, and Politics, International Events:Marketing and Sales Event, Foundations of Positive Youth Development, SGC Publishing (book sales and publishing services), **SPECIAL SHOW** WATSKY PERFORMS ALL YOU CAN DO, Eventbu is not host or creator of this event. add whatever song you remember! So for goodness sakes... can we move back just a little bit because it's the only way. "May I ask you, as we've achieved something between us that's never been done before, if we could just cool it on these barriers here because otherwise there're gonna be a lot of people who might get [hurt],"Plant told the crowd. Attendance in Tampa was 56,800, with a $309,000 gross. I rate this the best concert I have ever been to.My friend Michael bought me the tickets.I flew down from NY to see my buddy and Led Zepplin.Tickets were $5.00 general admission.We arrived at 12:00 O'Clock for an 8:00 O'clock performance.50 feet back dead center.Doobie brothers on the sound system,Girls being thrown high in the air by blankets.Smokin' and Jokin'.A memory of a life time.

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