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The Handmaid's Tale Summary. It's 1861 in Georgia, and Stuart and Brent, the Tarleton twins, have been expelled from school, because they are both that sort of boy.

The narrator tries out the password and this new Ofglen rebuffs her before telling her that the first Ofglen killed herself. They remember the exact moment when Scarlett decided to charm their socks off, even though they didn't know that she had decided to charm their socks off.
Roy Hobbs is a young pitching prodigy from Nowheresville. Book One begins in June of 1925, at a beachfront hotel on the French Riviera, near the city of Cannes.Rosemary Hoyt, a seventeen-year-old star of the popular film Daddy’s Girl and her mother, Elsie Speers, are on vacation. The Tarleton twins eventually wander off home because Scarlett doesn't ask them to stay for dinner. When we see her again, she's been working for five weeks as a Handmaid. She makes it to a Quaker safe house, and the people there smuggle her around from house to house for almost nine months. Ani has the gift of animal-speaking, which might sound exciting to you or me, but is a little mysterious to the people in her kingdom, who would much rather …

She sees a black van coming—which is the sign you're about to get arrested or killed. Now they are sockless, and charmed. When she wakes up people tell her she's not a good mother and take her to the Center. The professor doesn't know how the narrator's story ended. Ship Breaker; The Drowned Cities; Tool of War; The Doubt Factory; Zombie Baseball Beatdown; Pump Six and Other Stories. The Tarletons mention lots of folks in passing, so that you know right from the start that this is a big sweeping novel about communities, rather than just a little piddly novel about one or two people.
The house where she works is run by a married Commander, whom the narrator must have sex with on a regular basis (in a standard Ceremony) in an attempt to become pregnant and provide the household with a child. I’m doing what should be a very cool event … The book's "present" action is the story of the narrator's time in this house, but throughout the book she has frequent flashbacks to various times in her life: her relationship with her husband Luke, their daughter, and her mother; the escape attempt she and Luke made; her friendship with Moira, the rebel; and her time at the Women's Center, where she is when the book starts. Soon after they arrive at the hotel, Rosemary hits the beach, looking for attention and looking for love. She works at a library. As the narrator's memories and flashbacks take up more and more of her mental space, she slowly becomes more reckless and eager to act out, even if it means the end for her. Again, they appear to be as dumb as two twin doornails.

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