st dominics school portugal

Our commitment to the IB and its programmes is at the core of SDIS' educational philosophy of 'Nurturing and Educating International Minds'. The owners employ many family members in key positions to keep tight power. Embed. English teachers who are Portuguese teachers who can’t speak very well to teach in English

We cannot express how happy we are having our daughter in SDIS. We have had a very positive experience in this school: the students follow an amazing academic program and the teachers are very supportive and nurturing. It even accepts students from other international schools who do not have it.

Do not under any circumstances work here or send your children here. A Message from Mrs. Tonkovich from St. Dominic School on Vimeo. The capital levy is non-refundable and if you consider how many people change schools, there is no motivation reason for the school to improve. Students with special gifts and talents are challenged and encouraged by our experienced teachers to achieve their full potential.

Just copy the code below and add it to the webpage you want to show it. Where is the money from the salaries of teachers that the school has withheld over and over and over again? The owners and the Principal and all of the current administration place money before people, and staff are treated with little regard and dignity. By watching our child response, we can tell teachers have truly interacted with her and touched her in some way. With the building of the bridge over the Tagus River, now called the 25 de Abril Bridge, the expanding English expatriate community asked the sisters to establish a new school.

Overall, while I can’t speak for the middle or senior schools, our children are happy, have made some lovely friends, they’re learning, they love their teachers, and that is our biggest need for them at this stage in their lives. like, visit My Shortlist Embed. The Covid online program was poor quality compared what I saw my colleagues from other schools receiving It was founded by Irish Dominican Sisters, beginning as the Bom Sucesso Girls Day School in 1954. When it is known among families that key decisions are made because of what country the person comes from and monetary greed, this goes against IB values. (5) The children’s academics are lower than expected and all need tutors and extra lessons to catch up. She has been there since kindergarten to grade five, now starting grade six. If you are an IB World School and you would like to have a profile in the 2021 Yearbook, please email us at [email protected]. Richard Tangye is highly unprofessional and shockingly deceitful - the list doesn’t end there.

St Dominic’s International School is an inclusive school, providing an exceptional level of academic, social and emotional care to our students of over forty nationalities. Situated 15 kilometers from central Lisbon, in the district of Cascais, St. Dominic's is a private, non-selective, coeducational day school serving students aged 3 to 18 years in the international community, through the medium of English. I’m ashamed that I stayed at this school for as long as i did. St. Dominics International School is a school in São Domingos de Rana, Cascais, near Lisbon, in Portugal. The school made the mistake of overfilling with an incoming rush of foreigners to Lisbon the past year or two (as most know, there has been a major boom of foreigners moving to Lisbon the past few years), but some of the concerns of past parents (who’ve since moved their kids to different schools), have already been addressed-with more to come. The IB programmes encourage students to question perceived truths and beliefs and reflect on their place in, and contribution to, the society in which they live. In my opinion, this school cannot improve under the current owners or Principal. (6) (5) Embed.

St Dominic’s International School is an inclusive school, providing an exceptional level of academic, social and emotional care to our students of over forty nationalities. (3) Staff is always very responsive to our comments or complaints. Some can even be questioned if they have any teaching qualification. 2785-816 São Domingos de Rana, Portugal We recognise and value the differing academic abilities of students, which are met through the three academic programmes of the International Baccalaureate. In the senior school, students in grades 6 to 10 study the MYP, and in grades 11 and 12 we prepare students for the full diploma or for diploma courses.

That said, as parents, we weren’t happy with some things that were happening on the administrative and ownership side of things last year, but this school has wonderful teachers and both of our kids have been the happiest (both educationally and socially) at this school over any of our past 5 years in 3 countries and at 3 different international schools. We have an excellent reputation for sport, and have facilities for football, basketball and volleyball on site; a wide range of other sports are played using outside facilities. It is the only school in Portugal authorised to offer three of the International Baccalaureate Programmes: Primary (PYP), Middle (MYP), and the Diploma, and is celebrating its 23rd year as an IB World School. I believe they count on staff being too afraid to go to lawyers as this will make Richard Tangye angry and place them on his black list. We hope to provide you with some useful information. They expect parents to pay a full terms notice to leave.

), updates to the nursery section are great, and now if they could add a proper playground, that would be great! Most of the good students know that this school is mediocre at best, which is why they leave. There is no respect , very miserable place The principals lie about the problems in this school. Rua Maria Brown, Outeiro de Polima. The school started with fewer than 20 students but quickly needing more space. Some teachers are better than other, but this is normal. (6) It is time to pay attention, change the power imbalance and stand up to corruption, nepotism, misconduct, elitism, classism, toxicity and the extremely poor treatment of employees, students and families. And they handled the pandemic masterfully by putting in place an complete online distance learning system in only one week. The school have already started a major overhaul of their installations in the last couple of years, have pulled out from the ground the new senior building in less than 4 months in order to be ready for September 2018/19 just writing to say I am flabbergasted by some bad reviews left here. Absolutely not. It’s not safe here and even already a student died from a drug overdose. (5) Money Looters

I made sure that this school was removed as a school option at my husbands company as they send multiple employees to Lisbon every 2-3 years. The only process that works well in this school is their banking. (7)

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