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. tous les caprices des stars all the whims of the stars The French have borrowed the word 'stars' from the English.

The word is not masculine because it is a masculine game. Non seulement elle est gentille, elle est belle! You will see people, particularly men, playing this game in parks all over France. Learn French 200 Words a Day! This is why, when I thought of this post title, I let my husband write it. If you can take the beating you are welcome to play. In reality, rugby is highly technical and organized with specific laws governing all aspects of play. e.g. The French word la balle refers to a bullet, or to shotgun pellets. Some like "Hop-op-op-op-op-op-op-op!! " taper to kick The verb 'to kick' in French is taper, which also means to hit, to strike or to hit. Where Pride meets Passion. I originally wrote this page in 2005 as I watched on TV and I updated it again in early 2007. The masculine character of course reminds you that a goalpost is a masculine word, as we do in our 200 Words a Day! There is another type of French ball which is played in les boules, which is similar to the game of bowls. We make it easier in our French courses by adding a GENDER TRIGGER to our word association cartoons to make it easier to rememeber the word's gender.

A variant is called pétanque. (Thanks to Andrew for this info). Sounds like pen-alee-tay. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Background history and famous rugby players. As an aside it is called a try, (un essai in French), because touching the ball down over the 'tryline' then allowed the team that got the ball over the tryline, an attempt at goal. This word demarrer is also used in the sense of 'starting the car engine', or a truck's engine. ils sont toujours en difficulté they are still in difficulty The word toujours is a very common one that means both still, and always. passer en avant to pass forward This is a sin in rugby unlike American Football or soccer football. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Here are some of the random bits of French rugby and sporting vocab and phrases that came up during the match. To remember this word consider the English where we use the word to 'mar' in the sense of something being spoilt. The French word for post, as in goalposts, is le poteau. chercher aux fonds de leur ressources digging deep (literally searching around the depths of their resources) The French rugby commentators were here referring to the Lions players who really had to dig deep to try to maintain a chance of staying in the game. When a player puts the ball on the ground over the opposition's line in rugby this is called a try, and it gains your team 5 points. Ruggers don't care if you are black, white, tall, short, gay, straight, fat, skinny, or even if you just suck at rugby.

il est recompensé he is recompensed/rewarded The commentator was referring to the player who was rewarded for his hard work with a try [un essai]. Excelerated French Learning and Remembering! The French also use it as their word for the scrum... which often ends as a scramble, tussle, fray, a free-for-all fight! of the ball If you do not let go of the ball after you have been tackled you get penalised. The French term for this is titulariser. relâcher to release, let go e.g. The French pronunciation of la brillancehowever does not stress the double 'l', so it sounds like bree-yanse! I guess the tone of the voice transmitted a great deal of course! of a lover. The word is masculine because all French nouns are either masculine or feminine in gender.

Imagine Jonah Lomu (m), the New Zealand RUGBY player, plays RUGBY while dressed in the French colors. Rugby being a very physical and manly, masculine game is appropriately a masculine word in French. We don’t practice until we can get it right. un essai a try The word essayer in French means to try. Part of Rugby For Dummies Cheat Sheet . It's great to see the level of New Zealand rugby! Rock Solid. The French verb accorder means to award, grant or concede. Rugby keeps it's violence on the field unlike soccer and it doesn't apologize for it like the NFL. All the Southern Hemisphere teams were playing in Europe, and the French were in action against the All Blacks again. Our courses teach this one with New Zealand rugby star Jonah Lomu playing rugby in the French colours. It also means (1) the disengagement or release of something (like the brakes on a car) and(2) 'the redemption of a pledge or mortgage'; and (3) in military terms the extrication of troops etc from a town. The game was marred by violence! Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers. Imagine a girl called PENNY LEE taking a penalty dressed in the French colours. I understand most of the rules of rugby, but the terminology is sometimes lost on me. Our pics include the French colours words are similar in French and English, enabling you get a visual snapshot of the word, its gender and context.

The commentators used this when one of players inexcusably fumbled, and dropped the ball. Further more, it's culture is, The only sport where 15 guys are sent out to. The vocabulary of rugby and the terms we use in talking about it. être blessé de quelquechose means to be offended by something.

le dégagement clearing kick These are the long boots downfield. Note the reflexive s'accorder is slightly different in that it means to agree, to come to agreement, to concur, to harmonise with someone or something. way. So if you can imagine that engines when they are closed down, are marred .

courses. Outworking the Competition. Here's another that the French rugby commentators used: le meilleur plaquer de la tournée the best tackler of the Tour. These genders cause a good deal of bother to people learning French. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Some other related words are: blessé à mort - mortally wounded! Now is the Time. The French are very big supporters of rugby, particularly in the South of France, and the French rugby team is always one of the strongest half-dozen in the world.

To find out more about the fastest, and most effective French vocab system click here: Learn French 200 Words a Day! volontaire et déliberé voluntary and deliberate The commentator was referring to a foul committed.

With the 2011 Rugby World Cup in full swing in New Zealand, and with the French beating England in the quarter finals, many French speakers and learners of French will be interested in knowing some of the common French terms used in rugby. . Did he put in a special performance in the first of the two matches! Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. To be clear. Ready to Rumble. It is American football minus everything that soccer fans say sucks about American football. Not only is she kind, she is beautiful! An easy way to remember this word, and its gender, is to replace Daniel here, with the female singer BEYONCE! Rugby keeps it's violence on the field unlike soccer and it doesn't apologize for it like the NFL. puissant in French means powerful, or strong. Again I watched on Saturday 9 July 2005, in the third International Test Match where the New Zealand team was again victorious 38-19. la brillance brilliance The French word for brilliance is la brillance, and here the commentator was referring to the all Black's Man of the Match Daniel Carter. With vocab, example sentences and quiz. By Mathew Brown, Patrick Guthrie, Greg Growden . Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e898bbb8e4fcf14 Taper also means to type in French. Le Rugby rugby The word rugby in French is le rugby. of 'Destiny's Child' and image the brillance of Beyonce - the BRIYANSE of BEYONCE. Hustle & Heart. I took these French rugby quips and quotes from the French TV commentators - words and phrases which you'll be able to use in everyday French, as well as when involved in, or talking about French sport ... or any sport for that matter. This word is also used for the 'jilting' e.g. If you enjoyed your French Rugby lesson why not Accelerate your French vocab learning the 200 Words a Day ! se dérouler to unwind The French rugby commentators were referring to the Lions plans that were unwinding as each game progressed. It is a compromise that happens to be better than the alternatives. Imagine Cambodian dictator (m)sitting with a POT on the goal posts. The noun tackle, as in a rugby tackle, is le plaquage. Line-out: a rugby term. Chuffing: a mild expletive, like darn. Those who believe will be Champions.

Your IP: plaquer To tackle in French is plaquer. are just so wonderfully French as to be almost without comparison in English. Here's some British slang and rugby terms readers might not be familiar with. You can use it in loads of situations! Originally the 'touchdown' or try itself gained no points, and one gained the points by kicking the ball over the posts.

With the 2011 Rugby World Cup in full swing in New Zealand, and with the French beating England in the quarter finals, many French speakers and learners of French will be interested in knowing some of the common French terms used in rugby. bien accordé correctly awarded Here the commentator is saying that the penalty [la penalité] was correctly awarded, having seen the action replay. An appropriate time as there were great rugby internationals being played at that time. "Nous avons pour vous une bonne journée de sports qui demarre avec le rugby!" In the case of the word le rugby, the famous All Black rugby player is used to REMIND you that the word is masculine. Rugby, called "The Game Played in Heaven" by supporters and players alike, comes in two flavours; League and Union. Kick the ball into touch: kick the ball out of bounds. Excelerated French Learning and Remembering! Surrender the ME for the WE. Chat someone up: hit on someone. la mêlée scrum The French word mêlée is used in English in the same sense as the French - a scramble, tussle, fray, a free-for-all fight! The French names for all the rugby positions are at the bottom of the page. If you enjoyed your French Rugby lesson why not Accelerate your French vocab learning the 200 Words a Day ! The wheels were coming off their game.

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