policy development framework

The need for a college-wide procedure(s) related to the policy will also be determined by the Policy Holder. ITSPP maintains a list of potential stakeholders to be involved at various stages in the IT policy life cycle process. 0000002050 00000 n To understand the strategy and policy development process, you will probably need the help of stakeholders, as the process isn’t always straightforward. This process may look different depending on the policy you selected. If the guidance is mandatory, implementable, and applicable across the university, and technology-independent, it should be stated as a policy. Structure and criteria for what should be categorized as an IT policy, standard, or guideline, A process for initiating, reviewing, approving, and retiring IT policies. They will be retired via the same process by which they were approved, Laws, regulations or best practices which require new or updated guidance, Implementation of IT services or new technologies that require new or updated policies, Risk assessment, audits, and/or reviews of existing policies/guidance that reveal inconsistencies or gaps, Operational issues that require clarification of university's position. | b)  Review - Academic Framework Committee (AFC) and/or the Policy and Procedure Committee (P&PC). a)    Should this guidance apply university-wide to all users of university information resources? Disclaimer Policy Development Framework (September 3, 2018) Risk Management | The University of the South (2 of 4) Procedure A directive outlining the specific tasks, processes and responsibilities required to effectively implement a policy or regulation. ITSPP Develops and drafts IT policies, standards, and guidelines. Input from stakeholders will be addressed and/or incorporated throughout the process. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Administrative  Contact: The Administrator who has lead responsibility for the policy/procedure as part of his/her responsibilities. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. These procedures apply to all University policies and procedures developed under the Policy Framework – Governing Policy. Is it technology-dependent? ��@y�� 1e���oNL�@絕��JRbD.���(�����h�8�ݥ ���+#NP�IA�DN`!J��O?�����y�۪�$�9 CDO Approves IT policies and standards for submission to ITSPC. trailer N)zZ�=��������?Ϳyܿ���_�����t�x:�Nt2o�;�Ns�A ? The Policy Holder will inform the Executive Team of the policy and procedure (where applicable) that is proposed for development. Policy Frameworks. d)    Will this guideline change when new technology is implemented? For new governing documents and procedures: All new governing documents following Board approval of the Policy on the Development and Review of Governing Documents (October 5, 2017) shall be developed following the policy framework and using this template. h�b```�&�Naf`f`�s|```�YV�H0�`�gde��b 8��Ah-#��5u g��l`h�����0��뽙&���iEd��vM�:�͛ꪗ�&d���5S6\3 z&ʶ1�Ԫ�`1�S u@��F���ֈ�&��� ��������A����!�A�A��h� �:{�F -�b �Z [�a�C� � The Administrative Services Analyst will produce a final copy of the policy and procedure (where applicable) with an effective date and will forward the final hard copy to the Policy Holder for signing. It is important to assess this situation with the appropriate stakeholders and determine who should be the primary "owner" of the policy. Where changes are required, the Policy Holder will revise the policy and procedure (where applicable) and will forward the revised signed document(s) by email to the Executive Team members for comment. Specific individuals and groups will be identified during the planning and initiation phase of a given policy, standard, or guideline. Identify the steps you and your partners will take to enact the policy. An existing policy may be obsolete or substantially out-of-date; therefore, updating or retiring the existing policy may be the appropriate option. endstream endobj 1018 0 obj <>stream Are policy exemptions or exceptions allowed? The Administrator will provide the draft policy and procedure (where applicable) to the Administrative Services Analyst to the Associate Vice President, Administration for classification and numbering: Procedures will have the same classification as the policy with a P1 added to the end. <>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> They may determine that a Policy Development Team comprised of those directly impacted by the policy and procedure (where applicable) would be beneficial to the development process. Policy work will be initiated when there is a compelling need for new or revised policy. Policy statements should be clear, concise, and specific. h޴VQo7�+z߂�DQ��"���ۀ�K�(�pM����!��#��}vۋc`8�DQEQE:�X�,�a��h��H�� �MV�`��B;�P�8�ex�QT�%���ʱz�Q(2>��xr��Ēw�����j�T/���>7��K��MWwMu_wy���}����&��oۇ�Ѡw�U��{�������]x��|c�W�ղ�NW/_.Ђα�|,^q���v��,�j͟��T?5�dz������z�~]�ʿ-�k�? Communications tools. a)    Is there law requiring the university to follow this? 0000001257 00000 n compare public policies. This university-wide IT policy framework specifies: The IT policy structure and process employ the following principles: The roles and responsibilities defined below represent the staff positions or groups most directly involved in IT policy development: University stakeholders will be fully engaged throughout the IT policy development process—in both individual and group settings and by online review—to ensure that all appropriate perspectives are accounted for and incorporated as feasible in final versions of new or revised policies, standards, and guidelines. Promulgation The official announcement to the University of a new policy or one which has undergone significant revision. Should this guidance be mandatory? Exemptions to policies and related guidance are generally not allowed. It communicates the College's official position statement of what is expected on issues that have College-wide application.

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