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My grandmother didn’t believe him at all, because I guess he didn’t sound serious. Here is  a link to a map where you can actually trace the actual tornado tracks from that day… However, I do question the accuracy of the tornado tracks depicted on this map, at least for the Beaver County tornado, as that particular tornado’s track was a little further south than what is shown on the map. **Officially one fatality occurred. The tornado tore through the plaza. One photograph showed high-end F2 damage to a large house at a farm. I guess I was fascinated by this newfound thing. Onward, we walk the waves of the slope, winding around the strongest of the saplings that dominate the once choked landscape. This could be due to the fact that in the Storm Data Publication these two tornadoes were counted as one. Little did I know, until the next day, of the damage being wrought upon the land at that moment. Local Red Cross Chairman, Martha Sherman heard the tornado warming come across the scatter. Finally got to read this article. In addition, here is a link to the also previously mentioned book “Tornado Watch Number 211″… Trees on a hillside near Corry that were leveled, Photo of the Corry Tornado before it grew into a wedge. )before slamming the car into a ditch off the side of the road. Forget the internet. They told him that there was a tornado. You may wonder how it’s possible to have a fifty-degree temperature swing in such a short time. Could you imagine being on 80 at that time and seeing a tornado that big?? That means for every step you take, you go up about a foot, or better, depending on your stride. This particular tornado moved along Interstate 80 for a distance in the Moshannon vicinity, knocking down signs along that road. It tracked southeast along a 6 mile, skipping path, mostly at tree top level. A number of the trees crashed through homes trailers and cars, 27 mobile homes, and 15 frame homes, barns, and garages were destroyed as the tornado carved a “short but bloody path” toward Linesville, lifting before reaching town. And that wasn’t even the strongest tornado!! The 200-foot radio tower was left as “a twisted pile of spaghetti.”, From the book Tornado Watch 211 – Pages 117-121, Mayor Helen Duby lived on a hill that overlooked the town. The roof and walls were ripped apart, and a fire started, though no radiation leaked. The day Julie and I hiked the trail, we ran out of time and were unable to hike it in its entirety. Not me, no way, no how, huh uh. His friend’s(the one he was out with)mother brought him home. It maintained F5 strength as it ripped through the small town. While the roof was smashing into the car, the tornado was spinning the car around like a blurred top (with them still inside!! Thousands of trees were uprooted or snapped off. An 83-year-old woman survived when her mobile home was thrown over an 80-foot cliff and landed in a tree. I used to be scared to death of thunderstorms, but I’ve grown to love them. Now, understanding the dangers of the whirling dervish, but looking back on dad’s comment, I can’t help but feel jilted. There were about forty-three tornadoes that day, give or take a couple tornadoes, mainly affecting Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, along with parts of Western New York and Ontario, Canada. As you can deduce, our vivid imaginations and general curiosity played a large role in curing boredom. Greg. At least 15 injuries occurred just north of Corry. A lot of tornadoes that day were of monstrous sizes. Cars in the parking lot of the plaza became “pancakes” and one car that was in the parking lot was carried there from a mile away. The Trail of New Giants is a challenging, serpentine, up and down, drill sergeants’ rucksack dream march of dread. My uncle and his friend ducked underneath the car seats right before the roof came smashing through the front windshield. Further east, at Hermitage, a trucking company was destroyed. The whole neighborhood was pitch dark(as our power was out for many days after). The focus of this article is on the tornadoes that hit the state of Pennsylvania. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and at least 1000 were damaged in this area, too. Of those, 20 touched down in Pennsylvania. This tornado touched down in far eastern Forest County, four miles southwest of Chaffee. One woman had a splintered piece of telephone pole impaling her to the ground. My uncle was driving along in the car with his friend when they saw what they thought was train smoke up on the hillside, and then they quickly realized that this “smoke” was racing down the hillside towards them and the plaza. Two mobile homes were tossed 100 feet into a ravine. Of course, he continued with a tale of the twister that visited in the night, as if a raccoon had torn open the garbage and flung it across three counties. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The tornado then struck the Lady Jane Collieries, tearing off the roof and flipping cars in the parking lot. He saw all these ambulances and emergency vehicles racing towards our direction as he was getting into his car. People digging through the rubble of a home near Corry that was torn part. This tornado moved through an area south of Youngsville in State Game Lands #86 and crossed Thompson Run. The Shenango Hotel, nor the Valley Baptist Church were nowhere to be seen. She paid no attention to it. Two people were killed in a house that was leveled at the intersection of Station Road and Route 8. In Ohio, the only damage was to a few farm buildings and trees. A PennDOT building worth $500,000 was demolished. Many trees were toppled, and a large billboard on I-80 was blown down too. It moved into Union County and widened to 1.5 miles as is crossed the Susquehanna River into northern Northumberland County. A stand of pines appeared to be sliced off all at the same height; about twenty feet, giving the impression of white tipped matchsticks. Starr, Crystal Springs, Whig Hill and Kelletville were hit hard. At Tidioute, 32 buildings were damaged or destroyed. One body was severed in half and dismembered. I also have the excellent book “Tornado Watch Number 211”, which is about this particular tornado outbreak. This particular tornado moved along Interstate 80 for a distance in the Moshannon vicinity, knocking down signs along that road. After the movie was over, my uncle was getting ready to go out with a high school friend of his. The tornado caused mostly minor damage and snapped and uprooted several swaths of trees along the 19-mile path. A hangar and four planes were destroyed at the Hermitage Airport, and in fact a wing from the one plane was carried 10 miles to Mercer. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we take advantage of the early spring gift. The tornado also affected northern Lordstown, Niles, Coalburg and Hubbard. I’ve gone through there several times over the last two years, as I like to go the long way(PA Route 18)to the Lake and back when time allows. Near Cooperstown, three people were killed and a trailer park was destroyed. May 31, 1985 Tornado Outbreak…Thirty Years Later,,,,,,,, Miraculously, we were somehow able to get my grandmother’s demolished car back into shape and fixed. The damage swath through Atlantic was a quarter of a mile wide and showed evidence of multiple vortices. “May 31, 1985: A Tornado Outbreak out of Place.” U.S. Tornadoes, 31 May 2015, 1.7K likes. Unbelievable destruction was occurring in central Pennsylvania at this time, as a large tornado moved through. The police allowed him to proceed into our neighborhood. I became petrified. Create a free website or blog at This tornado started two miles west of Darlington, passing north of Beaver Falls, through Big Beaver. Lives were lost, but here in this area, we were fortunate, especially the boy scouts trapped in the path of destruction. We always kept that dog in a playpen. I still have the newspaper of that event. The weather was clear and sunny that whole time. “After 3 Decades, Memories of Frightening Day Still Fresh for Many.”, Prose, J.D. The trail is tricky, and hikers need to be sure footed to experience the reward at the end. 44 tornadoes touched down in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario. The tornado then annihilated the town of Wheatland Pennsylvania. 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Of particular interest was Albion. The tornado was only in Cameron County for about 4.6 miles, where it leveled a large swath of trees. I think about that day all the time, as it will always be with me. Several buildings were heavily damaged or destroyed in Downtown Newton Falls, and frame homes were destroyed. I saw these big balls of ice come crashing down on my aunt’s front porch. The tornado was slightly weaker as it tore through Cochranton, here a church and several homes were heavily damaged, and two people were killed. The four deaths occurred in frame homes and trailers. Mayor Duby just passed that house, and she had to tell her that there was no home left to go to. And that wasn’t even the strongest tornado!! The tornado was detected on the seismograph at the Earth and Mineral Sciences building at Penn State, in State College. Good thing for their quick thinking!! There was nothing left, no poles, no homes, only factories, most of which were flattened to the point of being unrecognizable. The Rocky Glen Cemetery was heavily damaged as monuments and grave stones were pulled out of the ground. Over 100 cars in the parking lot were destroyed. 25 camps and 50 buildings in the park were damaged or destroyed. Extensive tree and power line damage occurred. Most of the deaths were at the Niles Park Plaza on Highway 46 that was leveled and partly swept away, as was a roller skating rink, and a newly-built nursing home. A home in Middlesex Township that was demolished, A home that was leveled to the ground at the intersections of Rt 65 and Rt 588, The following is paraphrased from an article entitled “Recalling the Tornado of 1985:  Just Another Friday Became a Day Never Forgotten in Beaver County.”. I said to my grandmother “I thought we couldn’t get tornadoes. It travelled through the Allegheny National Forest and the southern part of Tidioute. The tornado then struck the Lady Jane Collieries, tearing off the roof and flipping cars in the parking lot.

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