jesus of suburbia meaning

'I felt like it crossed that line between church and state or politics and religion. EXTRAORDINARY GIRL: jimmy falls in love with Whatsername, and since he didn't have anyone to save him, he wants to save Whatsername, because of knows of her problems. You then discover that you have a taste for war and nothing else compares but you feel guilty about it. Collaborating with T Bone Burnett, Leslie Phillips changed her name and left her Christian label behind - Robert Plant, who recorded one of her songs on Raising Sand, is a fan. It might work with Neil Peart — this is a virtual highlight reel for Green Day drummer Tre Cool. And then Jesus feels bad and knows that no one is there for him. St. Jimmy is a drug addict and drugs make him not feel the pain. It isn’t really cursed, but it means he lives in a poor town where it seems like everything is wrong. In other words, is Jesus’ cynicism inevitable? Because St Jimmys is constantly surrounded by people and things that are all wrong it makes him feel like he is Jesus of his suburbia and that even though he's not perfect, everyone else proves him right and inadvertently causes him feel better than everyone else he's constantly struggling with him throughout the album. The video pays homage to "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins—it also made use of the snorricam which created the videos' notable up close shots in the convenience store and party scenes. song: "Jesus Of Suburbia", We are all prisoners of our own wars, brought up by hypocrites, meaning our teachers, Politicians and even our own parents, used by them until the day we die “from the cradle to the grave” Our hearts “recycled, but never saved” Dearly Beloved- JOS questions himself, “What am I to be labelled as? The first two lines in the first verse of part five is JoS talking about how he feels that he is messed up (hence the first line) and it feels like dying. This entire verse can also be considered a metaphor for JoS’s thought process. Quite obviously, JoS falls in love with her. BOULEDVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS: jesus is feeling alone and that there is no one in the world to save him. The “Saint Jimmy” character is undermined by the song’s misogynistic video — particularly the long version that makes us wonder why we’re supposed to sympathize with this dude who takes out his frustration on the women in his life. He sarcastically mentions that this messed up life he's living is completely normal for him: "there's nothing wrong with me, this is how I'm supposed to be", and goes on with his story about the "land of make believe" that he lives in. Leaving home is actually an act of optimism. Everyone seemed like an idiot. There are two metaphors in this one line. That song is like purging everything, throwing it out. This character is convinced he is fine, and that everyone else just doesn’t understand him. [2] Despite the song's commercial success, it is the only hit single from the American Idiot album not to be included on the band's greatest hits album God's Favorite Band. Lost children with dirt faces that no one cares about? The song is largely based on the life of Billy Joe Armstrong.

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