federal satisfactory academic progress policy uca

If a student’s average marks drop below an equivalent of 2.0 GPA/C- (approximately 40-50 mark) the student will be given a Financial Aid Warning until the next disbursement by which time their grades will be expected to be at the required level. Campus Tours are a great way to explore our campuses, facilities and halls of residence. Loan Proration is required for students who have a remaining period of study that is shorter than one academic year. endobj Part-time students are eligible for some types of aid and not others. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that student financial aid recipients are meeting satisfactory academic progress standards. 9BE���o�\MNC��J^k69��U�MN��u�N"�/Z�FQ7�:j'�5��u�'�IhѢ�tW7x��y-ױ(��)���\-�$���l�Y��I��� u��\�&\�V��:��פ[R��� Appeals that are approved must contain an academic plan that, if followed, ensures the student would be able to meet satisfactory academic progress standards by a specific point in time. Undergraduate students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.00. (k�9�� C�6!S� �E���* D)��C�"FL���n@�Jٍ�K�ୠ���,��t:����@�m�*�ڗK�|�+�8ݖ������l*{���bH֠�8<0��e���B�����Y��K�w\�u�te�J��.W06����������و�L2.&�Po�����y4%��>k�#�ʆ����b�.F�r��Yc٥��&VB��ץ"�RL��k��ш=�d̠�͠���;���YQ3c�. A student may appeal due to an emergency condition (such as health, family or catastrophe) and state what has changed in their situation that will allow them to meet Satisfactory Progress at the next evaluation date. We're currently planning our autumn Open Events to bring you the best possible online and on-campus experience. If a student has attended part of the programme below full-time, then this calculation will be based on the Full Time Equivalent of their studies. Verification will be required. Postgraduate students: Postgraduate students are expected to maintain satisfactory progression through their course of study. If a student’s appeal against suspension is successful then the student’s good standing will be placed on probation for the payment period. A student that has their Federal Aid suspended but continues the course under their own means and subsequently meets Satisfactory Academic Progress standards will be entitled to regain a probationary status and apply for or receive loans. All students who are in receipt of US Federal Aid whilst studying at the University of Derby are required to make satisfactory progress on their course of study in order to continue to receive Federal Aid. Explore our Postgraduate Courses and Research Degrees, Discover our part-time online courses for study any time, anywhere, Looking to improve your skills or change career?

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