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CoreCivic is recognized nationally for high-performing training and support programs that should be the foundation of a forward-thinking criminal justice system. "Despite these losses, we continued to honor our contractual commitment," Hininger wrote. The company hit back at the idea of putting "profits ahead of people," as they say they've implemented programming for inmates, even while experiencing operational losses at the facility. Photo “Sheriff Hall at Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility” by the Nashville Sheriff’s Office. The GEO Group noted that not all services and programs were included in the audit and house appropriations wanted to dig into the numbers more because pensions may not have been included.

Looks like the bill is still pending (2nd reading was Feb. 2019) so many there were issues with the audit? However, this didn’t stop the legislature from putting forth bill HB 403 to prevent private prisons from operating in the state. We’re also applying long-held strengths to deliver comprehensive real estate services through CoreCivic Properties. The public should expect that facts guide the policy making in Nashville and other major cities. Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCOS) officially assumed management of the Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility (MDCDF) early Sunday morning. Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Benedict agreed to defer but said she will likely bring the legislation back. Council members Emily Benedict (District 7) and Freddie O’Connell introduced a bill that would prevent the city from contracting out prisons to private entities. All rights reserved. ", Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Calif. wildfires: 60K ordered to evacuate in Irvine, This Trader Joe’s Seafood Is Being Recalled in 19 States, CoreCivic plans to end contract with Metro Nashville in October. Under CoreCivic, a robust slate of reentry programs has been built to prepare these people to be successful when they leave and to reduce recidivism.
"The divesting from CoreCivic in Nashville, the home of its former headquarters, is a big win for the people who have been fighting against the blatant prioritizing of profit over people. Get the weekly opinion newsletter for insightful and thought provoking columns.

In that study, Metro taxpayers would spend an additional $17 million each year on net over the state’s costs of services. They’ve grabbed the wheel and have steered Nashville down an uncertain and very expensive road. Nashville leaders say it's time to end contract with private prison company CoreCivic, CoreCivic once again at crossroads as stock losses, image problems loom, Tennessee prisons were 'ticking time bomb' ahead of COVID-19, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. In a scathing letter sent to Mayor John Cooper, Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall and the Nashville Metro Council on Monday, CoreCivic's CEO said the company cannot allow itself to be "used as a punching bag by political opportunists," as the city debates ending working with the largest for-profit prison company in the U.S. We remain proud of the long-term track record of transformative reentry services and operational quality we’ve provided,” stated Gustin. Last year DCSO released a study on the cost to taxpayers if it assumed operation of MDF and said transition would cause “significant financial burden to the Metro government” which Metro taxpayers “are not currently carrying today.”. I cannot fault CoreCivic for walking (if not running) away from this fiasco. "In announcing their attention to suddenly abandon operation of the Metro Detention Facility, CoreCivic has made plain that their priority is maintaining an active public relations campaign, not safely housing inmates and joining the important public conversation about decarcerating non-violent offenders and reducing recidivism," O'Connell said in a statement to The Tennessean. 615-242-5826. Thank you @DaronHall7 for completing the transition. As Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, a Democrat, stated at the time, “Some people decided to play politics with the lives of these 500 individuals as well as almost 200 employees to make a political statement.”. Recently one of the most unique and engaged business managers I ever knew in my time at CoreCivic was abandoned and let go because so called Subject Matter Experts in Nashville did not like him and when the manager needed support; FSC saw an opportunity to let a well liked, intelligent, and a manager interested in the people around them Go. ", "We communicated with them the county would not be throwing them out until July 2022, if this bill were to pass, because I wouldn't be ready personally and I think we have an agreement with council members that that would be earliest we would be ready to do it," Hall said. O'Connell told The Tennessean that CoreCivic's letter Monday makes clear their priorities.

Think about it. "Instead of getting the contract back from them signed, they sent us this nasty letter," she said. Nashville has ended its relationship with private prisons. The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office assumed the management of the Metro Detention Facility (MDF) in October of 2020. It’s the way I feel,” stated Hall. ", CoreCivic lambasted O'Connell and Benedict for "pushing an agenda that’s free of facts and ideologically driven.". Alexandra Wilkes is national spokeswoman for the Day 1 Alliance, a trade association representing private prison and jail sector contractors. The transition follows CoreCivic’s decision this past July to not extend their contract. In recent years, their relationship with the Metropolitan Council became strained. But it's not the culmination of our fight because we know that the human beings caged in our community deserve better.". He also wrote that CoreCivic has supported some criminal justice reform efforts, including the federal First Step Act. A national leader in high-quality corrections and detention management, CoreCivic Safety is guided by a philosophy that upholds correctional best practices and national accreditation standards. Through CoreCivic Community, we provide and expand access to residential re-entry centers. Related: Nashville leaders say it's time to end contract with private prison company CoreCivic.

Our dedicated corrections professionals at MDCDF – including teachers, counselors and chaplains – have proudly facilitated a wide range of evidence-based educational services and counseling to help individuals leaving incarceration achieve successes in work and life.”. In a statement issued to The Tennessee Star, CoreCivic Public Affairs Manager Ryan Gustin explained that their company’s estimate of the city’s burdened budget was based on a study by Sheriff Hall., — Mayor John Cooper (@JohnCooper4Nash) October 4, 2020. For more than three decades, CoreCivic has been an innovative, dependable partner for government. Private prison operator CoreCivic plans to walk away from its relationship with Nashville in October, accusing city leaders of "playing politics" and stringing along the company as some look to bring operations in-house. CoreCivic Safety is the nation’s leading provider of high-quality corrections and detention management. Mayor John Cooper tweeted the news, endorsing the decision initially promulgated by city council members earlier this year. In Nashville, oddly, some of the leaders want it dismantled to satisfy the small crowd of anti-privatization advocates whose opposition is based solely on a political agenda and not on facts. We’re gonna be married. “I would also like to share that the MDCDF facility is a great example of the robust services we have been proud to provide to the individuals in our care.

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