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For tickets which are used beyond Point of Turnaround and out of sequence – No Refund permitted. Segments have been either booked from intraline/interline availability or MCT has been verified manually. NSW Europe & Eastern Europe: 5th August 2013. If a ticket is issued with non-refundable fare(s); unutilized coupon's flown based tax(es) are refundable. Totally unutilized tickets - Passenger is No-Show on O/B: Partially utilized tickets - Passenger is a No-Show on I/B: Adding and Changing Segments to an Existing Reservation. 3.

Failure to operate a flight due to extraordinary events or circumstances classified under Force Majeure or Act of God. Ticket Number. Endorsement and control of affected coupons is granted by QR.

These options should be offered to the passenger only in case that passenger does not agree with initial alternative provided by Qatar Airways.

Equipment / Aircraft Change You will now logged out of your Privilege Club account.

Please enter the one-time password received in your registered email, {0}. Process Ticket (Schedule Change) You have selected the time limit for the ticketing as . one-time password has been re-sent. The carrier for the first flight on the e-ticket is free to decide if rule of Most Significant Carrier apply or if the baggage allowances and fees of first carrier will apply. “Schedule Change” means any modification to the operation of a flight, some of which may require passenger notification. Qatar Airways schedule change policy does not apply to any QR or OAL itinerary issued on OAL stock or plate and irrespective if schedule change occurs on QR flight or not.

There are instances when a parent or guardian may require travelling in a different compartment on the same flight than that of the child. FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN TRAVELING ON THE SAME FLIGHT BUT IN A DIFFERENT CABIN. Process ITR Receipt.

For no-show scenarios please refer to no-show definition. There can be numerous reasons why a passenger requests to make changes in his/her itinerary. prime & feeder itinerary) and schedule change occurs on one of such 157 e-tickets then this procedure also applies. If customer is holding confirmed reservations but who have yet to purchase a ticket, rebook the customer onto another flight at the applicable fare. Policy applies also to Tour Operator allocations where space already been sold at the time the schedule change takes place.

In order to give QR opportunity to resell all unwanted seats, minimize no-shows and maximize revenue, all such unwanted space (O&D) must be cancelled immediately.

In most of the Qatar Airways Schedule Changes, Qatar Airways will offer alternative connection for the passenger. Passengers holding e-tickets issued on OAL stock or plate shall contact their Travel Agent or respective validating carrier. When a reissue or rerouting of an e-ticket results in a lower fare/tax(es) the balance amount due to the passenger between the originally paid fare/tax(es) and the new fare/tax(es) is termed as Residual Value. Circumstances may require Qatar Airways to make schedule changes after publication of our schedules. QR has activated a filtering functionality within its Altea reservation system that prohibits confirmation of such waitlists. This means that your e-ticket numbers are 1572345679876 and 1572345679877, respectively.

Do you wish to continue. Qatar Airways joins other oneworld carriers that already offer this privilege. Restrictions to refund outside the country of sale are implemented in the following countries namely: For tickets issued effective 15th June 2013, revalidations are no longer permitted. As per the penalties policy implemented effective 15th June 2013, for all voluntary changes, revalidation is permitted.

Non-smoking policy applies on board all QR aircraft.

What is the validity of my E-ticket? Itinerary with multiple pricing units (end-on-end combinations/side trips): “Change of reservation not permitted” condition applies specifically to the pricing units having fare components with changes not permitted. For partially utilized ticket the refund will be the amount equal to the difference between the fare paid and the OW applicable fare for travel between the points for which the ticket has been used less any cancellation fees. However, if this connection is not suitable for passenger, there is always number of alternatives available. Waitlisting in a lower RBD on the same flight and in the same cabin as a confirmed segment is considered an abuse of the system. Further sales should not be made after schedule change notification. Changes are applicable only if the fare rule allows change of reservation, Change / no-show fee must be coded as XP in the tax field, In case of no-show only one fee will be charged, either no-show or change fee whichever is higher, For no-show scenarios please refer to no-show definition. "Name correction" or "name change" for PNRs created from FFP Privilege Club profile are restricted at all times. Preferred Seating is the latest benefit on offer to top tier members of Qatar Airways Privilege Club and other oneworld frequent flier programmes. If passenger holds two separate 157 e-tickets issued “in connection” (e.g. Assigning Seats for Incapacitated Passengers

The Office profile must be updated to use ATC. Passengers declared as "blacklisted" are not allowed to travel on QR flights. Cancellation fee applicable will be USD 175, E.g. Infants Requiring Baby Bassinet How does Qatar Airways classify adult, child, and infant passengers? In such case, e-ticket can`t be rebooked, reissued or refunded and a new e-ticket will have to be purchased. The new benefit allows passengers to choose a seat amongst the first three rows in the Economy cabin of all aircraft types that will help speed up the disembarkation process.

Offload can be done latest by 3 hours prior to departure, in order to rebook, reissue or refund e-ticket. A passenger is denied check in due to not having passport, valid visa etc. A QR Commercial Policy will be issued to cover extraordinary event/circumstance and serve as basis to authorize refunds. In case of feeder service ticketed on separate document of same validating carrier (issued in connection with prime itinerary), where Fare Basis rules do not allow ticketing on one document.

See example below: Request an appropriate meal for the child (CHML). This implies that child and infant occupying a seat will pay the same change / cancellation penalties as adult passenger. Promotional fares combined with a Flexi fares) the most restrictive rules will apply. In order to harmonize Qatar Airways (QR) reconfirmation policy network wide and to further simplify travel on QR, the existing Reconfirmation (RR) policy is abolished effective 22nd April 2014. ATC should only be used by POSs on tickets issued on or after the date of implementation in their POSs, (journeys originating in your POS). Some countries have regulations in place that prohibit sales made in those countries to be refunded in other countries.

E.g. Your e-ticket number is a 13-digit number mentioned on your e-ticket (for example: 1572345679876).

ATC stands for Amadeus Ticket Changer. Please enter the one-time password received in your registered mobile number {0} or email address {1}. If the voluntary cabin downgrade happens within 3 hours prior to departure of flight no-show penalty will be charged.

Airport Control  "A" - Control of the coupon has been sent from QR Reservation System Either to departure Control System or to Other Airline  (operating carrier of code-share flight  or interlinecarrier).

A reissue generates a new ticket including penalties, i.e.

When a minimum of one flight coupon of an e-ticket is used (flown) is considered as partially utilized ticket.

Follow The period of validity for tickets issued at normal one way, round or circle trip fares shall be one year from the date of commencement of travel, or, if the first Flight Coupon is open dated, and/or unused from the date of ticket issue thereof. – all applicable cancellation and no-show fees should be collected. Itineraries involving code-share and interline scenarios cannot be accommodated at all times. Wherever possible, groups of passengers with reduced mobility shall be seated in subgroups in order to enable a rapid flow of other passengers during an evacuation. is verified.

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