barbara tversky

(2002). (2019). NY: CRC Press. In addition to her scientific work, Tversky has been tireless in her efforts on behalf of the behavioral and brain sciences in the USA and worldwide, serving on executive committees and governing boards for the Cognitive Science Society and the International Union of Psychological Sciences, and serving on innumerable program committees and organizing committees. Eric Johnson, Columbia University S. Head Delegate to the International Union of Psychological Sciences, 2004U. S. National Committee of National Academy of Sciences 2001-2012U. In C. Marras, O. Eide and P. Sahle (Editors), Models and Modelling between Digital and Humanities. Talking about events. Stanford, CA 94305 Tversky, B, Gao, J., Corter, J. E., Tanaka, Y., and Nickerson, J.V.

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Gestalts of thought.

Event perception. (2006). Learning to think spatially.

(2000b). Thinking inside and outside. A fix for fixation? : (+420) 221 890 [email protected], Thinking and Communicating with the World and the Body. (2015). Reprinted in Feuilleton of the Neue Zurcher Zeitung, January 5, 2017, p. 36. In K. Nyiri (Editor). How eyewitnesses talk about events:  Implications for memory. Making sense of abstract events: Building event schemas. Making sense of abstract events: Building event schemas. Using gestures and diagrams to think and talk about insight problems.Proceedings of the Meetings of the Cognitive Science Society. B., and Tversky, B. How to get around by mind and body:  Spatial thought, spatial action. Professor of Psychology and Education (2006). Topics in Cognitive Science, 3, 499-535.

Tversky, B. (2018). Tversky, B. Visualizations in science education. Tversky, B. (2017). Tversky, B. Tversky, B. In R. Kitchin & S. M. Freundschuh (Eds.). In B. Choksi and C. Najaran (Editors). Hard, B. M., Tversky, B., and Lang, D.  (2006). Kim, S., Yoon, M., Whang, S., Tversky, B., & Morrison, J. Seeing and knowing. In R. Lowe and W. Schnotz, Learning with animation: Research implications for design. Using gestures and diagrams to think and talk about insight problems. She is an active Emerita Professor of Psychology at Stanford and Professor of Psychology at Columbia Teachers College. In L. Albertazzi (Editor), Visual thought.

She has enjoyed collaborations with neuroscientists, linguists, philosophers, biologists, chemists, computer scientists in graphics, AI, and HCI, architects, designers, and artists. BA, MA, PhD Cognitive Psychology, University of Michigan, 1968-1970     Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Hebrew University. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Eye fixations in prediction of recognition and recall. Tversky, B. (2003). Tversky is a professor emerita of psychology at Stanford University and a professor of psychology and education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Amsterdam: Benjamins. In N. Allen (Editor). Tversky, B. and Chou, J. Y. (Eds.).

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Copyright 2017-2020 Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences. Tversky, B. Dordrecht, NL: Springer. (2019). Angela M. Kessell, NASA 29(5), 699-720. Tversky, B. and Zacks, J. M. (2013). Narratives of space, time, and life. 155-163. In K. R. Coventry, T. Tenbrink, & J. 10.1515/cogsem-2017-0008. (2002). B., and Hard, B. M. (2010). * Elke U. Weber, Columbia University

B. Markman and K.  L. Wood (Editors). Spatial perspective in ASL. Special Issue on Pictorial and Diagrammatic Representation. In T. Shipley and J. M. Zacks (Editors), Understanding events. (2018). Hard, B. M., Recchia, G., and Tversky, B. 277-290. * The FABBS Foundation would like to thank Dr. Elke U. Weber and Dr. Jeffrey Zacks for nominating Dr. Tversky for this honor and for leading the effort to spread the word about her nomination. Sydney:  Key Centre for Design Research.Heiser, J., Tversky, B. and Silverman, M. (2004). Better story recall by deaf children with unimodal communication. J. K. Gilbert (Editor). Cognitive Science, 30, 581-592. Parts and the basic level in natural categories and artificial stimuli: Comments on Murphy (1991). (2009). (2008). Tversky, B. Agrawala, M., Phan, D., Heiser, J., Haymaker, J. Klingner, J., Hanrahan, P., and Tversky, B. Tversky, B. Arrows in comprehending and producing mechanical diagrams.

Zacks, J. M. and Tversky, B. ISIS. (2011). Her new book is Mind in Motion: How Action Shapes Thought. Slack (Editors). Tversky, B. In T. Schubert and A. Maass(Editors), Spatial schemas in social thought. Memory and Cognition, 34, 1221-1235. Cognitive methods for visualizing space, time, and agents. 53-73. London: Routledge. In K. Holyoak and R. Morrison (Editors).

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