alberta labour law changes

For those individuals who need to stay home to care for children following the closures of schools and daycare facilities, or to care for an ill or self-isolating family member, the 90-day employment requirement to be able to access unpaid job-protected leave has been removed. Unless daily overtime is included as part of the arrangement, employers do not need to provide daily overtime. Employment standards complaints, tips and appeals, Employment standards education and resources, Employment standards permits and variances. These amendments proposed to the ESC and the LRC will help provide Alberta employers with helpful tools to more effectively and responsively manage their workforces. 2020, Noteworthy Changes to Alberta Employment and Labour Standards Legislation, This website uses cookies to help the site work properly, enhance your experience and help us learn what information interests you. Alberta Labour Law Changes Begin 29-May-19.

For more information see our, Ontario Introduces COVID-19 Liability Protection for Workers and Businesses, SCC Finds Employee Entitled to Damages for Bonus Triggered During Notice Period, Proposed B.C. Changes for employers include having more scheduling flexibility, as the province has removed the 24-hour written notice requirement for shift changes, as well as the two weeks notice usually required for changes to work schedules. Employers will now only have a reverse onus in unfair labour practices in cases involving employee terminations. Alberta employers must pay their employees at least the minimum wage. The following amendments, which are set to come into effect at the various times noted below, are some of the noteworthy changes to these statutes: The listed changes set out above take effect on November 1, 2020, with the exception of the following, which take effect on August 15, 2020: (1) changes to group termination notice requirements; (2) changes to the temporary layoff periods; and (3) changes for variances and exceptions. Unions will now bear a reverse onus in response to applications alleging coercion, intimidation, threats, promises or undue influence regarding encouraging or discouraging membership or activity in or for a trade union.

However, employees must receive eight hours of rest between shifts. Laura Dunnigan           403-260-9709

Changes to employment standards rules in the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act are in effect for temporary layoffs, group terminations, and variances and exemptions. Where the Board finds that a representation vote was affected by a prohibited practice, giving rise to a result which fails to reflect the true wishes of the employees, the Board may: order another vote and take any action to ensure that the vote reflects the employees’ true wishes; certify the trade union as the bargaining agent if the Board considers it appropriate, where no other remedy or remedies would be sufficient to address the effects of the prohibited practice; and/or. The Board must be satisfied that arbitration is necessary, one of the parties must have committed an unfair labour practice, and no other remedy would be sufficient to counteract the unfair labour practice.

Employees under 18 years old have specific rules under Alberta’s laws. If an employer and an employee agree, then a rest period of 30 minutes may be taken in two periods of 15 minutes each. These cookies include targeted media cookies and advanced analytics cookies. Employees can agree to work modified schedules through an averaging agreement. refuse to certify the trade union where no other remedy or remedies would be sufficient to address the prohibited practice. Certain industries and occupations have special rules …

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